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UJkraina, Zelensky, working on a 10-point peace plan for February 24 – the world

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Peace proposal a year after the war. Volodymyr Zelensky is working on a 10-point plan to end the conflict Which has devastated Ukraine for more than 300 days now. With the intention – according to the Wall Street Journal, which quoted diplomats from the European Union and Ukraine – to present it around the next February 24, on the first anniversary of the invasion and the period when there is fear of a new Russian arrival in Ukraine. massively offensive

Until that date, Kyiv’s idea had been to maximize territorial recaptures with “as many victories as possible”, in order to then present itself stronger at any negotiating table. According to the American newspaper, the Ukrainian president had already talked about it with Biden during his visit to Washington. And the “We also talked about it,” said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, about the Kyiv peace plan with G7 partners.. “I can only tell you that we are evaluating what he proposed,” the head of US diplomacy added, as the Kyiv formula is “a good start,” but without specifying how long it will take the United States and Ukraine to evaluate the joint plan.

Whatever we may talk about peace, to obtain it there must be a will on both sides. And the From the Kremlin, they hastened to say that they did not know that there were peace plans on the Ukrainian side, because Kyiv “does not take into account the current reality.” On the one hand, if the Zelensky-Biden meeting led to the further formation of a vital alliance for Ukraine, on the other hand, it inflamed tensions between the United States and Moscow, with the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, judging that the visit of the Ukrainian president is a signal and made it clear that the United States Ukraine is “not ready for peace” at this stage Possible clash between Russia and the United States.

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With conflict now ready to cross the gates of 2023, even Vladimir Putin used the word “war” for the first time He talks about the military offensive at the press conference on Thursday. Details that did not go unnoticed and sparked reactions in Russia as well. So much so that the deputy of the St. Petersburg mayor Nikita Yuveriev demanded the opening of court proceedings against the tsar, whose words could be considered “legally responsible for spreading lies about the actions of the Russian army.”

Far from words, the Russian president is preparing for war with deeds, convinced that “significant progress has been made on the path of demilitarization” in Ukraine, according to Peskov’s spokesman. The tsar ordered the heads of the defense industry to ensure that the Russian army received all weapons and equipment “in the shortest possible time” to fight in Ukraine. While the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko arrives in Russia on Saturday After Putin’s recent visit to Minsk. Moscow is then preparing to retaliate against the European gas price cap, while the Russian Energy Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander Novak, announced his intention to divert gas supplies from Europe to other regions of the world, although the European market remains “relevant”.

Meanwhile, bombs continue to fall across Ukraine, where the Ukrainian authorities reported attacks on Kharkiv and in Kherson, where two civilians were killed and a kindergarten damaged in an attack by the invaders. Kyiv experienced a “massive” electricity shortage of up to 50% of needs, as the Ukrainian capital was hit by emergency blackouts. On the other side of the front, pro-Russians denounced the car bomb explosion carried out by “Kyiv terrorists” in Melitopol, which injured two people. On Thursday, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Director General of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, together with the Governor of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Vitaly Khotsenko, were injured in Donetsk during the shelling of Ukrainian forces. .

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