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“Cruel child abuse in Canada, Church acknowledges humiliation of his actions”

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Vatican City. “The Canadian government’s compensation is a fundamental first step. Now the church needs a clear request for forgiveness. If Pope Francis were to go to Canada, he would make the extraordinary gesture of cleansing and harmony in accordance with his style. The word of the theologian father Alberto Magee, “trembling at the thought of the remains of native children,” was often forcibly taken from their families and buried anonymously near former colleges and former residences on several occasions administered by the local church. Pontiff expressed his desire to fly to the North American country, “a date will be set later,” Oltretevere said. Meanwhile, a meeting with Canadian delegates was scheduled to take place at the Vatican from December 17 to 20 to recognize abuses against indigenous peoples, but has been postponed due to the Omicron variation.

Father Maggie, by arranging government compensation and negotiations at the Vatican, is the path of a dialogue being structured?

“Yes, but more is needed, namely the intense commitment of local bishops and the Holy See to walk with victims and Canadian authorities towards a greater goal: healing the terrible wound inflicted by the Church. Peace recognizing rights and responsibilities in the name of God.”

Pope What do you expect?

“I firmly believe that he will do everything he can to face the long journey to North America, if the circumstances are right, as he will slip away.

Do you expect more from the church?

“He who clearly shows his shame for the atrocities committed in the name of Christ. Contributes without hesitation to reveal the truth. But first let him ask for forgiveness. A true, deep forgiveness that looks to the past for the atrocities committed, and becomes a promise that nothing like this will ever happen.”

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What do you think about the “colonialists” who were the protagonist of the Church in history?

“He said he was going to carry the message of Jesus, but Jesus was not there. He or she was not the” gospel “of the gospel. God’s Punishments. ”That is why the Canadian case is so important from a symbolic point of view: the local ecclesiastical hierarchy, as Francis has repeatedly pointed out, must show a return to the path of systematic alienation of the world church from the colonial model.

How to do it from the pastoral point of view?

“Use the unconditional love of Christ for every man. This message must be further revealed: there are no outcasts of the love of God, neither persons of the A and B series.

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