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Lambrusco and popcorn, thistles at the side of Georgia Meloni

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If between Senator Silvio Berlusconi And the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, did not really have good blood, and their correspondence was not interspersed with sweet words, perhaps alternating with exciting tales of fantastic acrobatics on a legendary family, most likely, in these hours, you will hear the sirens of anti-aircraft in Italian cities.

Moscow night 2010

Why not, twenty bottles of first-choice vodka with cheap Lambrusco are not answered, especially if you are one of the richest men in the country and can give up cans of Amarone or Barolo for tens of thousands of euros a bottle. Eno-rude aside, listen to the sound with shock phrases del Cavaliere published by LaPresse, someone may have been reminded of Moscow’s night in the “distant” 2010, at the conclusion of the work of the World Policy Forum in Yaroslav. On that occasion, the then Italian Prime Minister, after a sumptuous dinner with President Putin, accompanied the same to admire the beauty of GQ, the then-powerful nightclub owned by oligarch Arkady Novikov, who had recently purchased the Versace villa on Lake Como. At about two in the morning, to the astonishment of some of the beautiful girls of the Mother of Russia, the DJ changed the lineup to honor the distinguished guest, sending Adriano Celentano songs alternately with “Tu vuo ‘fa l’americano”, a song in those that must have had a political connotation. strong.

Some villains remember that a plane with diplomats, businessmen, heads of enterprises and businessmen inside, remained for hours on the runway at the airport of the Russian capital, waiting for the head of government to complete his sincere “interference” in the social event. Then there is the Dodo. Everyone remembers the cover of the weekly Che, dated February 2014, which depicted a wonderful moment during a visit by Putin at the then Romanian residence of Silvio Berlusconi, in the Palazzo Grazioli: that day the Kremlin tenant threw a ball at the famous poodle and the dog had not yet exploded He took it in his mouth. Many read this gesture as further evidence of the friendship between the two, a friendship that culminated in dinners, nights of dancing, dog-jumping and above all Italy’s dependence on Russian gas supplies, under a series of agreements signed by Eni and Gazprom in those years. A friendship that promises to be a painful thorn in the side for Georgia Meloni. Now the next prime minister, engaged in a difficult black wash, will have to contend immediately with the pro-Russian sympathy of his allies, because his government’s foreign policy behavior will be watched by leaders in Brussels and Washington.

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All the thorns on the side

It is no coincidence that in these hours the most anxious face that can be seen on Transatlantico is Antonio Tajani: the road he should take to Farnesina seems to be cut by a river of vodka mixed with Lambrusco. Among the two troubled travel companions of the future Prime Minister, the one who could do the most damage at the moment is actually the poisoning of women and the trials: her daily outings, now, are taken up by news agencies around the world and have already sparked a heated debate in Parliament European. The other, drunk with mojitos and videos on TikTok, who is often under the spotlight of his party’s ties to Moscow, preferred not to comment on the outings of the rider nor even on the outings of the newly elected Chamber President, his loyal Lorenzo Fontana, who after a few hours of applause questioned the efficacy of Sanctions against Russia. Matteo Salvini has dodged reporters’ questions by resorting to his comfort zone par excellence: a restaurant. We know, after the dramatic 8 March, that news of the Northern League will forever be remembered as the “humiliation of Przemysl”, in which Putin’s ceremonial shirt was waved in the face of the “captain” (and on cameras…) by the mayor of the Polish town, Wojciech Bukan, around the Bilerio Road, the less talk about Russia and the ruble, the better.

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