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Twitter problems in the era of

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Anonymous: Goodbye if you are forced to reveal us. Doubts about the financing of the operation

Hundreds of thousands of progressives who have stopped following their favorites Twitter Where, on the other hand, figures from the radical and Trumpist right are increasingly being followed. Rebel celebrities are threatening to leave (but very few actually do). Anonymous group that warned him: “If you force us to reveal our identity, we will leave.” And even the fear of internal sabotage by Twitter employees bent on opposing the new president’s ideological resistance or anger at the social network’s sale of a character used to treating its employees harshly: The company has suspended a few days of software updates, perhaps to reduce the risk of tampering with the system. It’s not a nice landing for Elon Musk three days after he announced his takeover of Twitter: Many expected political difficulties for a businessman with high skills in industrial production but without managerial experience in the field of communication, even if he himself was a brilliant communicator and successful influencer.


Analysts also expressed their fear His commitment to Twitter, with the need to sell a significant portion of his Tesla stock To finance the acquisition, he could “disassemble” the auto stock that forms the basis of the billionaire’s fortune. But what’s happening on both fronts goes beyond the bleaker outlook: Tesla’s stock continues to be highly volatile, but consolidates a loss of more than 10% over last week’s values. Reuters noted that Tuesday night’s downturn, which reduced Tesla’s capitalization by a whopping $126 billion, caused Musk to lose $21 billion – exactly the amount the businessman pledged to extract from his capital a week ago. explained in the prospectus submitted to Sec, the authority of the US Stock Exchange. An acquisition that could become a financial problem for him if Tesla’s stock market bleed continues.

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As for Twitter, despite Musk’s plea to all users, even those who do not like him, to stay, and his promise of absolute freedom of dialogue on the platform, the first signs are alarming: the shields of public figures, from Mia Farrow to Shawn King, the leader of an organization. Black Lives Matter of actress and model Jamila Jamil to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, while Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren called the Musk takeover a “danger to democracy”. Lots of stomach ache but few actual abandonment among celebrities, also due to not having many viable alternatives. Who is really threatening to leave is Anonymous: They warn that “if Twitter enforces identity verification, we will abandon the network, as we have already done with Facebook.” Understandable, given that the reason these hackers exist is anonymity is another problem for Musk who has announced that he wants to make the identity of all users transparent. But the main issue, for him, is the risk that the acquisition, beyond his will, will be seen as a right-wing operation. Celebrities don’t leave but many anonymous progressives do: Barack Obama, the network’s most-followed star, lost 300,000 followers in one night, but the bleeding also concerns sites dedicated to human rights, with no specific political connotation: even the lost Auschwitz memorial has 35,000 members in one night. The big party, on the other hand, is on the right even if Trump, while praising Musk, currently prefers to stay on his platform, Truth Social: Marjorie Taylor Greene, the flag of the far right, gained 100,000 followers in a few hours while Tucker Carlson, the most followed of Conservative Fox News hosts, at 141K. And we celebrate “We’re back,” we’re back. It’s clear on Twitter that he considers it “recovered”. Musk could try to make the corrections, but for now, only with words: The acquisition, which involves complex corporate steps and licensing processes, will not take place for six months.

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