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Truth Social, Trump launched his social network. «You can download it from the Apple App Store» –

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to Paolo Ottolina and Alessio Lana

The former president was banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube after the Capitol Hill uprising. The new Truth Social platform is ready to download from today, February 21

Trump is ready to return directly, with his voice, to social networks. Or rather “on” the social network: its new platform, social truthIt is listed on the Apple App Store. Downloading is possible as of today, Monday, February 21, and starts automatically for those who have previously registered (by fading out Postponement news until the end of March). The former US president after the attack on Capitol Hill had been “prevented” from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

However, the first appearance does not seem to be the best. Many US users (Currently Truth can only be downloaded from the US App Store) They are already complaining about malfunctions. Some pre-registered are unable to access their account, while new users are unable to sign up. “Because of the excessive requests we put you on a waiting list” is the brief message that welcomes those who wish to enter the Trump realm.

The Truth Social has arrived by design and functionality Seems to be a Twitter clonewas quoted by one of the company’s directors, and was quoted by the press as Billy B.
On Friday evening, the director answered questions about the application provided by beta testers, and called for its use in beta tests: “We are ready for release in the Apple App Store on Monday, February 21,” the director announced, according to the director. to Footage seen by Reuters reporters. In recent days, Donald Jr., Trump’s eldest son, posted on Twitter a screenshot of his father’s new account, on Truth, which appeared to announce the billionaire businessman’s return to social media as imminent. “Get ready. Your favorite boss will be back soon.”

A few months ago in the New York Stock Exchange Spac debuted (Private Acquisition) Dwac, Digital World Acquisition Corp, an automobile company slated for a merger Trump group for media and technologyThe company behind Truth Social (“Social Truth”) is deliberately provocative and directly attacks the big tech companies that removed Trump from their platforms. Dwac successfully entered Wall Street, opening at 12.73 but then climbing above 90. Today it stands at $84 and has gained more than 60% since the beginning of the year.

The company’s Trump-related initiative adds to the galaxy of social networks that are somewhat closely related (or in any case frequented) by the alt-right galaxy like I will talkAnd the Jeter o Newsmax video platforms o clatter. None of these alternative platforms have yet reached numbers that are remotely comparable to those of their mainstream counterparts, but the direct link between Trump and the Truth Social could give the app a boost it’s never seen before.

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