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ATP MIAMI – Medvedev and Algrass advanced, citchibas fatigue. Outside Canada

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The challenge between the former world number one team ends according to Eve predictions. Daniel MedvedevAttempting to overtake Serbian player Novak Djokovic once again, he broke his first debut in the Miami Masters 1000 without particular problems, beating British Andy Murray in two quick sets, which he tried to resist until the last. The aim is to put the Russian people in serious trouble.

An important signal sent to the match 6-4, 6-2 was that the Moscow native should recover some of the much-anticipated defeat of Indian Wells. The outgoing winner and title holder will advance to the same area of ​​the board Hubert Harrocks.

The pole is released by Frenchman Arthur Rinderkneck with a final score of 7-6, 6-2, now waiting for Russian tennis player Aslan Kardashiv to master Ugo Humbert (7-5, 6-2). 4 out of 5 for the United States, which brings a large representation to the third round.

The one who does not fight is only talented Jensen Brooksby, Was able to concede only 4 games to Georgian player Nicolas Basilashvili. All matches remaining in three sets: Corta Spain have the best game of Ramos-Vinolas, after a decisive tie-break with Paul Cuccano (7-3), who beat Indian Wells. Taylor Fritz Kukushkin surprised himself in the second set and was forced to play the third set (6-3, 5-7, 6-3).

Male Agar-aliasim and Shapovalov

Seed No. 11 Carlos Alcaras He had a win in Florida. The Spaniard forces the frightened Hungarian Morton Fusovic to surrender: a break in the second game is enough for the talented 18-year-old to win the first set 6-3; Second, Iberian played well on all important points, tearing the joke twice from his opponent and winning the set 6-2.

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Stephanos Chitsibas It starts well but the American wolf leaves a pack on the street in hand. After a 6-4 Greek advantage, the duo pushed themselves to the tie-break, in which the American player quickly took advantage of the small opportunity to extend the game.

The third almost and at the same interval, crossed the threshold of the third-seeded debut (6-1). Two major twists are both Canadian: Felix Agar-Aliasim crashes from Serbian Kekmanovic, once again proving to be a black beast to the world’s best players; Denis Shapovalov made it clear to Harris of South Africa 6-3, 6-4.

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