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Travellyze analyzes the long haul of desires

Travellyze analyzes the long haul of desires

travel Off International Tourism Organization (Itg), which belongs to Interface Tourism Italy, interviewed 3,000 travelers across Italy to understand where a destination ranks in terms of visitor awareness, perception, experience and analytics. Passengers were offered 140 seats in which they indicated their preferences. They were asked about where they would like to go in the future and where they would like to go in the next few years.
So where do Italians want to go and how have their answers changed over time?

The journey ahead

With a long-range focus, in the hearts of our companions, we envision a trip to be made “sooner or later.” Canada (71%), the United States and Japan with similar percentages (67.6%), and the antipodes Australia (67%), New Zealand (65.3%).The most experiential and diverse destinations are to be enjoyed mainly on the road and independently.
But of course Italians don’t have the desire to find dream seaside destinations (access still appears to be one of the features focused on by respondents). British Caribbean and Indian Ocean.
Scrolling through the rankings, the most common features that can be identified in the travel destinations are sea/ocean destinations, the most preferred on all continents. Cultural and safari destinations, on the other hand, have lost a bit of their edge: the “dream” trip focuses on relaxation.

There are no continents

Out of this ranking, overall, theAsia And thisAfrica. Here, the first country in the ranking Mauritius (appeal 62.5%), only 48th, Seychelles (61.4%, 53rd), Madagascar (60.9%, 55th), Cape Verde (57.1%, 64th) and Morocco (52.8%, 85th). Among the classic destinations, far from South Africa, although a few points lower (49.1), Tunisia (48.8%, 106th) and Kenya (48.2%, 109 °) are ranked 104th.
Turning the statistical gaze eastward, Japan (Already very interesting in the Italian market in recent months) e Australia is the only two countries in the top 30, ranked 24th and 27th respectively. Maldives ranks 31st with an appeal rate of 66.4%, followed by New Zealand (65.3%, 37th). To find an Asian destination, you have to scroll down the rankings drawn up by Travellise to the 70th place (55.8%) of the Fiji Islands.
trolls India and China are almost tied at 112th and 113th positionsOnly a tenth of a percentage is split: 47.4% for the former, 47.3% for the latter.

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In the middle ages

On the other hand, what changes if the time frame of the desire is limited to the next three years?
The world goals are the same, but you switch between them 60-70% “desire to travel long distances” For the most requested areas per Less than 30% short-term long-range perspective. Thus we find it in the top 5 USA (27%), Canada (26.4%), Maldives (25.4%), Japan (24.8%) and Bahamas (24.4%).
As for the sea, the weight of the most accessible destinations in terms of tour operators’ offers increases, with New Zealand and Mauritius dropping out of the top 10. Enter cheap Madagascar and Mexico.
What about the honeymoon? for that Honeymoon The regular locations of the tours have been confirmed USA, Canada, Japan, Australia.

there Full review By Travellyze, in Exclusive For our journal, sul Next issue of Travel Guide,

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