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Trailer for the movie A24 Love Lies Bleeding starring Kristen Stewart

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there Kristen Stewart And Katie O’Brien In the Tractor to Love lies bleedingThe new film from the production and distribution company A24. You can find the clip to play below and also at the beginning of this article.

Lou (Stewart) is the manager of the gym where Jackie (O’Brien), an aspiring bodybuilder who wants to go to Las Vegas to pursue her dreams, trains. A physical and emotional attraction develops between the two. The pair will find themselves dealing with a series of violent situations involving Lou’s father and a man who works at a shooting range.

They are also in the cast Ed Harris And Dave Francowho play the last two characters mentioned in the synopsis.



Behind the camera is Rose Glass, who also directed the acclaimed film Saint Maud. Glass also contributed to writing the screenplay with Weronika Tovelska.

There isn’t one yet Exit date Official Italian for Love lies bleedingBut we do know that A24 will present the feature film at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, the annual festival in Park City, Utah dedicated to independent cinema.

The international release date is March 8.

A24 is working on an adaptation of the popular video game Stranded deathBy Hideo Kojima. Iron claw It’s another story in which one of the themes is sports (specifically wrestling), with Zac Efron participating in the cast. It was brought to US theaters by A24.

Shot by Giuseppe Giordano

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