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Tragedy on Rust’s website, Alec Baldwin’s revelation: ‘I was afraid Donald Trump supporters would kill me’

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Alec BaldwinDuring a two-hour interview with CNNHe revealed that he feared for his life because of the former American president Donald Trump. The poleIn fact, in 2021 severely criticized the actor afterincident On the set Rustthat cost his life For director of photography Helena Hutchins. Trump, at the time, claimed that the actor “may have shot her on purpose.” Words that, Baldwin admitted, raised his fears that the former president might turn his supporters against the actor, in the same way he rallied his supporters during attack on congress Jan. 6, 2021. “The former President of the United States said I might have shot her on purpose,” Baldwin told CNN.

That was the only time I was afraid of what would happen to me – The actor continued, because Trump encouraged people to commit violence, and he was pointing fingers at me, saying that I was responsible for the murder of Halina Hutchins. After learning of the former US president’s comments, Baldwin said he was “1,000% nervous”, fearing a possible attack by Trump supporters. Law enforcement officer. They killed someone. Don’t you think I said to myself, “Some of these people are going to come here and kill me?”

Trump’s comments against Alec Baldwin

As I mentioned interested in tradeAfter the tragedy on set, Trump harshly attacked Baldwin, saying, “He’s a troubled kid. There’s something wrong with him. I’ve watched him for years. He’s the one who fights with reporters. He’s an idiot. He’s a bit out of his mind. Basically, when there’s Someone like that is involved, you know, it’s my opinion of it, it has something to do with it. But if nothing else, how can you take a gun, whether it’s loaded or not, and point it at someone, at someone who doesn’t even have to appear in the movie? , and pull the trigger… and now that person is dead.”

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Then the former US president added: “It’s strange. Who would take a gun to point at the cinematographer? As bad as it was, which presumably you know the people with guns and everything else… and then, even if it was loaded, that’s weird, he might have just carried it. . There is something wrong with this person. she is sick. I’ve been watching it for some time. I always thought his copying of me was really bad.” In the past, Trump was often targeted by Baldwin’s satirical drawings during Saturday Night Live.

Alec Baldwin responds to the FBI: ‘I didn’t pull the trigger’

while, Alec Baldwin He decided to respond to the FBI that he does Accused Pulling the trigger of the gun fired the shot that proved fatal against Halina Hutchins. “I didn’t pull the trigger’ repeated the actor. In the interview, some clips of which were expected by the network, Baldwin blamed the tragedy Hannah Gutierrez Reidwho was in charge of examining the weapons used in the group, and the deputy director David Holzwho gave him vintage colt Use on the set, making sure it is “cold”, i.e. deflated. Ten months after the filming tragedy, Baldwin says he thinks about it “every day.” But not only. Baldwin also questioned in the interview Seth Kennywho provided props for the production: It may have been him, according to the actor, who inadvertently brought it on live bullets on the group. According to the FBI ballistic report released in recent days, they could well have been found 150.

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