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Statements by coach Bertolucci and captain Barrosi – OA Sport

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At the 2022 Roller Hockey World Championship, included in the 2022 Roller Hockey World Games, To be held in San Juan (Argentina), there is less and less time.

Italy, for its part, is gearing up for a world championship adventure that they have to consider starting strong right away, given that Azzurri is included in an iron group that includes Chile, Portugal and France.

In this regard, and at a press conference to present a planetary review before traveling to South America, National team coach Alessandro Bertolucci and captain (goalkeeper) Leonardo Barrosi intervened by exposing their views.

And so Bertolucci: “I don’t make any particular calculations if the group is strong or not, even on the other side there are teams at the highest level. There will be three matches that will be played with maximum concentration even if the most important match is the first against Chile. From that match we will understand a lot of things about the Copa del Rey. The world and I hope to get there in the best possible way with the right. Determination and malice. This is my fourth time in San Juan, the first time as a coach after three years as a player and the excitement you get on entering the field is really high, it’s a pleasure to play, and now you’re a coach In that stadium.”

These are Baruzzi’s words: “We need to arrive in the best possible condition, we also have a little luck and then we will also find national teams that are well-equipped for a very difficult tournament. It is a young team but with a lot of experience: there are players who belong to the best European teams and it is the strongest team I have been in the blue jersey all along. These 15 years. On a personal level, my goal is to make myself available at 360 degrees, both in goal and off the field to help my teammates, and as far as my teammates, they are two high-quality goalkeepers who have already shown they fit in. We also need to raise awareness and confidence in our means. Because in the end we have always played equally against all our historical opponents.”

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