March 31, 2023

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Torvaianica, excavating sand dunes sheltered by a bulldozer to make way for canopies

To make more space for sunbeds and umbrellas, dig out the dunes with a bulldozer, The seaside resort of Torviaianica was reported to the local police. In fact, the excavations did not go unnoticed: citizens immediately alerted the traffic police and coast guard, so the businessman was caught red-handed.

Bulldozer destroyed sand dunes. For the bathing establishment, the deformation complaint has been filed

The offense goes back to yesterday morning, Saturday May 22nd, along the coast between Via Brasilia and Sirens Waterfront.

Most likely, in anticipation of a full summer house, the bathing party was led by a bulldozer and began to slowly level the dunes Thus the widening of the beach and making room for deck chairs and umbrellas.

A resident of the area filmed the businessman at work and then alerted the municipality and the coast guard.

For the man, the complaint was filed To distort the natural beauty of an area of ​​special natural value. Found on Google News:
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Torvianica, 47, stabbed in the throat: employee arrested for attempted murder

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