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“Cliche.” “It's none of my business”: A clash between Vanzina and Nate over the Christmas holiday

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A few days ago we celebrated the 40th anniversary of its release “Christmas holiday”, the famous film of the Vanzina brothers produced by Vilmaro, Luigi and Aurelio De Laurentiis. The first instant film of Italian cinema, it became a true cult to the point that it became the precursor to the successful Christmas comedy genre, which went down in history as “com. cinepanettoneBut controversy aroused it The New York Times: American newspaper correspondent, Jason HorowitzHe openly criticized the entire Italian cinematic direction as “sexist and vulgar”. Hot social networks, enough to pay the same Enrico Vanzina To take a stand.

Enrico Vanzina worked with his beloved brother Carlo on the script and story for the film starring Jiri Cala, Cristian De Sica and Claudio Amendola. On j'accuse of times He has very clear ideas: “My film ‘Christmas Holidays’ is not a movie, therefore it is a movie Criticism doesn't concern me. “I will not add anything else because I do not want to cause any controversy.”. The 74-year-old added: “I am now responding to Horowitz, with whom I have an excellent relationship.”.

Enrico Vanzina threw water on the fire by suggesting his point of view. But an envoy The New York Times He was not very kind to the filmmakers, focusing on the Italians' love for them “A cheerful and stereotypical Christmas comedy” And above all to try producers and fans“Replacing these films as cult classics that elevated the Italian penchant for cheating,Toilet humor and folkloric insults arising from encounters between Italians from different classes and regions..

“Christmas Vacation” had several sequels – four from 1990 to 2000 – and the cinema has since taken it to exotic destinations such as India, Egypt and New York. “Between nudity and racial stereotypes” According to the American newspaper, three decades of success until decline are linked to the aging of stars, the increasing presence of live broadcast platforms, and changes in the tastes and economics of the sector. But beware of possible surprises Aurelio De Laurentiis He has no doubt: “Cinepanettone is exactly what the post-#MeToo era needs”. And again, the New York Times reported: “He suggested the idea of ​​making a #MeToo-style film even while suggesting a vulgar title. “This could be a good title for the film,” he said, explaining that he would rely on sincerity. When his assistant asked for his opinion, he praised the idea.

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