Home Economy Top 3 stolen motorcycles in Italy, 3 disappear every hour

Top 3 stolen motorcycles in Italy, 3 disappear every hour

Top 3 stolen motorcycles in Italy, 3 disappear every hour

Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, the heroes of thefts in 2021. According to data published by the Viasat Observatory, in just one year, 26,707 were stolen throughout Italy.

3 most stolen motorcycles
3 Most Stolen Motorcycles – Motori.News

A quick calculation allows us to conclude that they were stolen too 2000 scooters in just one monthor 74 per day, 3 per hour.

Compared to 2020, this is 6% more. 36% of these are found, but they are just under 10,000.

Scooter theft is the most affected area

Also according to the data collected, the area most affected by these episodes is Campania. Here there were 6,713 thefts in just one year. Immediately after the arrangement there are Lazio and Sicily. The first is 4,868 thefts, the second with 3,833. Lombardy closes the rankings with 3,355 thefts.

In Liguria, thefts happen but Owners of scooters and two-wheeled vehicles can be considered lucky, Because 68% of the compounds were found. Below are Trentino-Alto Adige, with about 67% of results, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Umbria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Tuscany.


to commit these crimes Often small, well-organized teams, Who knows how to move. They are particularly interested Mopeds and mopeds are easy to stealWhich only takes a few seconds.

The reason they choose scooters is that they usually have the advantageI am not sufficiently protected And it takes very little to get it. Everyone wonders how to defend themselves. Just put little tricks in place.

What to do to exclude the risk of theft of the target car and scooters

The first advice is Park your car in visible areasinstead of invisibility. Then use the siren so that you understand even from a distance that something is going on. it is good It relies on satellite information technologywhich acts as a satellite locator and in case of theft, Lets you find the mediator And proceed with recovery.

clearlyYou are the satellite not only for this, Because it is a powerful safety tool that provides the motorcyclist with 24 hour assistance and protection service. The Viasat Operations Center, activated for assistance, immediately has all vehicle and driver data as well as the location. For this reason it ensures timely interventions.

Among the most stolen motorbikes we found Honda SH, Subject to 5,196 thefts or 20% of the total. Then there is a file Biagio Liberty cover 1,393 thefts, wasp With 1,067 thefts, Scarabeo Aprilia with 1,236 thefts and finally Biagio Beverly with 989 thefts.

It is followed by Yamaha Tmax, Kymco Agility and Kymco People, some of these brands are well known and others are less well known.


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