May 29, 2023

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2022 Receipt Lottery: March 3 Draw Winners

Receipt lottery: Today, Thursday, March 3, 2022, the first weekly drawing of the five scheduled for the current month took place. Next date is Thursday, March 10th. Let’s see in detail what the winning tokens and the related prizes are.

Today Thursday 3 March New weekly drawing of Receipt of the lottery 2022. The number of prizes reaches 15 prizes for buyers participating in the lottery, which becomes 30 prizes if we also consider those that prefer dealers.

Let’s see in detail each win codes From the first weekly draw in March and related prizes.

Receipt lottery: March 3rd weekly draw

lottery receipt poster

As it happens every Thursday, today March 3 TheWeekly Receipt Lottery Draw 2022relating to expenses incurred From February 21 to 27.

In total, 30 prizes were awarded: 15 prizes worth 25 thousand euros to buyers and 15 prizes worth 5 thousand euros to exhibitors.

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The fifteen tokens extracted partly refer to expenses incurred in local businesses and partly refer to receipts issued in supermarkets, commercial chains and other large-scale retail stores.

To be able to participate in the receipt draw, you must first have your own receipts lottery symbol, which corresponds to a series of attributed numbers and letters based on your tax code. After that, valid purchases must be made from actual merchants. Weekly draws take place every Thursday of the month, while monthly draws take place every second Thursday of the month.

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March 3 Weekly Draw: Winning Tokens

Payment - 5695697_1280

Below we report on 15 winning tokens from the weekly drawing March 3, 2022:

  • 0635-0102 53MN2019223;
  • 1181-0291 96SRT000472 91400003;
  • 0358-0199 88S25001166 00080004;
  • 0707-0041 99MEY032828;
  • 1016-0020 3BIWB005048;
  • 0103-0023 53SNS300060 11580040;
  • 0259-0164 99IEC006004;
  • 0795-0125 3BIWB008775;
  • 0967-0082 96MKR004537;
  • 0647-0052 96MK3013401;
  • 0977-0067 99MEY037650;
  • 1256-0029 53SNS300778 11560035;
  • 1526-0099 96MFS002622;
  • 1137-0063 96SRT000699 44520001;
  • 1326-0009 53SNS300150 00680001.