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Top 10 Higher Educational Institutions in Illinois

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The state of Illinois is rich in various colleges and universities. Some of them are private, but the public ones are more reputable. They provide students with academic levels and degrees that are respected across the globe.

Public institutions include community colleges and four-year institutions. Of course, to get a higher education, one needs to complete at least a bachelor’s program. Yet, many people join community colleges to study an associate’s program.

In this article, we will focus on institutions providing higher education to students. If you are planning to apply, this list might help you make the right choice.

However, if you are afraid that some universities may have stricter rules concerning essay writing or academic assignment completion, please don’t. It shouldn’t impact your choice because you can order essay online with no problem. There is always help available and it is at arm’s length.

So, now let’s get back to the topic.

Chicago State University

Chicago State University is one of the oldest in the state. It is located right in the heart of the state, in the city of Chicago. It provides students with a wide selection of undergraduate and graduate programs in different majors.

First of all, this state university is well-known for its alumni. They have built successful careers, especially in law and economics. Their high-rank positions serve as proof of the university’s success. Moreover, Chicago State University has a wide network of partnerships and connections with universities and organizations worldwide.

Eastern Illinois University

Located in Charleston, Eastern Illinois University is one of the best public universities in the state. It has a reputation for preparing cadres in technical fields. However, different campuses of this institution also specialize in non-technical majors.

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This university is well-known for its focus on practice rather than theory. Here, you can find a miraculous combination of knowledge-sharing and experiments that go together. If you make your choice in favor of Eastern Illinois University, be prepared for tough competition, though.

The University of Illinois at Chicago

Another reputable university that made it to our list is the University of Illinois at Chicago. It is special for two reasons. First of all, this is officially a research university. That means whatever you are going to study, you’ll engage in research.

Secondly, this university is a part of the University of Illinois system. This is a single platform that unites several Illinois schools. The idea is to make enrollment, transfer, and other educational activities easier for students.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Another research university that has a place in the University of Illinois system is the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Quite popular among students, this educational institution also has lots of fans around the globe.

The expertise of its faculty and its cutting-edge technologies draw millions of students to Urbana-Champaign every year. However, the university is highly selective. You’d better have a perfect academic record and a few courses completed to increase your chance of enrollment.

University of Illinois Springfield

This academic institution is great for students expecting to build an impressive career. It is good for future business people, marketers, and traders, as well as for lawyers, accountants, and analysts.

Many essay writing companies say that this university is especially demanding when it comes to writing assignments. Often, the main requirement is to provide a real-life example of a case study. The university advocates that theory should be closely tied to practice. That proves that you’ll focus on learning applicable skills rather than just a theory.

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To find a great essay writing company, you should visit websites with paper writer reviews and many others. It’s always easy to make a choice if you have honest feedback to rely on.

Governors State University

Based in University Park, this university provides students with access to cutting-edge technologies and modern knowledge. All faculty members do their best to support students throughout their journey right until graduation.

Many alumni refer to this school as one of the best in terms of comfort and faculty-student support. The main mission of it, as mentioned by professors, is to build a relationship and cultivate an atmosphere where students have a thirst for knowledge but also know where to look for it.

Illinois State University

Illinois State University, founded in 1857, is located in Normal. It is a research university focusing on Science, Math, Social Studies, and Humanities, among many other majors. Many students choose this university to be able to grow as researchers. Access to state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment facilitates experiments and scientific discoveries.

If your dream is to help science advance, consider choosing Illinois State University as your alma mater. It is definitely the best place to combine science and experiment, especially if you know how you can actually contribute.

Northeastern Illinois University

Northeastern Illinois University is located in the community area of North Park. Today, it has over 9,000 students. This university is a dream place for many students looking for careers in:

  • law;
  • journalism;
  • social sciences and other majors.

Notable alumni from Northeastern Illinois University take positions in various commercial and federal organizations. In addition to its academic legacy, this university is well-known for its athletics. That’s why NEIS offers one of the best programs to student-athletes.

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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

If your goal is to pursue doctoral or professional studies, previous options might not be relevant to you. Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville is. It specializes in providing doctoral degrees. Also, this university is a part of the Southern Illinois University system. There is no master’s or bachelor’s program there at all.

You should be interested in this university if your career or professional interests require progression to a Ph.D. level. The titles obtained here are recognized across the whole world.

Western Illinois University

Located in Macomb, this educational institution was once known as Western Illinois State Normal School. Today, this academic organization is relatively new. It was established in 2005. Despite being young, it offers both high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as doctorate ones.

Moreover, this university gladly accepts transfer students and offers Transfer Year Experience to interested students. At the same time, all students are highly encouraged to participate in extracurricular events. Western Illinois University has plenty to offer.

Whichever university you choose, expect to get the highest quality of education. Illinois is an absolute leader in it.


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