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The US (along with the UK and Canada) is thus sounding the alarm bells for Italy. What Shaun Crowley said

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“The aim is to undermine European and transatlantic unity and cast doubt on the democratic model,” the US charge d’affaires explained. “Our strength is our openness,” said the Canadian ambassador. For the British, “Treatment is truth.”

“There is truth and there is falsehood.” Shawn CrowleyCharge d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Italy, quoted the president Joe Biden The embassies of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States to talk about disinformation at an event called “Beyond Fake News: The Power of Media Professionals in the Fight Against Disinformation,” organized by the Lewis Data Lab.

“The Kremlin, to name one example, has an active disinformation campaign centered on the war in Ukraine. It aims to undermine European and transatlantic unity and cast doubt on the democratic model,” explained the diplomat who met with the ambassador a few hours earlier. Luigi MatteoloDiplomatic Adviser to the Prime Minister Mario Draghi. And he cited a recent case Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said, “Rome is being driven to economic suicide by the frenzy of Euro-Atlantic concessions.” ” Zakharova told the plan [energetico] from [Roberto] Singolani [ministro italiano dell’Ambiente] It was imposed by the US and EU. This is obviously not true. We have to separate fact from fiction,” Crowley said.

“Like democracy, our transparency is our strength,” he explained Eliza Kohlberg, Canadian Ambassador to Italy. “We thrive because we have the ability to share and discuss ideas freely and actively. Of course it’s based on diverse and reliable news sources and information based on shared facts that help us all form an opinion. Misinformation today “undermines citizens’ trust in each other, in experts and skills, and trust in governments is a particular casualty”.

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“Pandemics are a time when misinformation puts a strain on the health of democracies,” said Ed Llewellyn, the UK ambassador to Italy. Liz dress These issues will continue in the current direction. “Misinformation can be a deadly poison, and the cure is truth,” he concluded.

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