Home sport Too many foreigners and too few in the Italian league

Too many foreigners and too few in the Italian league

Too many foreigners and too few in the Italian league

Renzo Oliveri 360 degrees on the campus of Radio Cusano. Italian football moment, Roberto Mancini mistakes, Serie A with the World Cup in the winter, young players, the upcoming championship battle and the cashless transfer market. These and others are the topics addressed by the head of the Assoallenatori into Fabio Camillaci’s microphone for the broadcast “Before Night…”.

Football Renzo Olivieri: “Too many foreigners and too few in Serie A”

Renzo Olivieri started from the national team, between the victory of Europe and the disappointment of the World Cup: “We failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar because of the European Championship that we won. Because historically – as Oliveri said – when we win something, we sit down after it. This means that glory bothers us. Roberto Mancini erred in continuing to trust those who won the European Championship but before him Berzot made a mistake after 1982, Lippi after 2006; When it comes to emotional mistakes rather than tactical or technical mistakes, I think they should be understood and tolerated. The coach’s gratitude to his men who led him to victory is within each of us. So it was a mistake, yes, but an emotional mistake. However, our football is not sick because there are some young Italian teams and women who have achieved great results. All this combined with the European trophies we won last summer puts us among the top 2-3 national teams in Europe. So I don’t think there are problems as many say. Perhaps the only problem lies in the limited use of young Italian players in the top teams of Serie A. Because many 18-year-olds already own overseas, we have very few exceptions. Perhaps this is also the fault of many foreigners who come to us, many of whom, moreover, do not even deserve to play in the first division.”

The World Cup will not affect the tournament

Then on how much the World Cup will affect in the winter, Renzo Olivieri said: “I think it will not affect the season because we have sports coaches and doctors at the top. Of course, there will be a dual prep, prep for season one and a post-World Championship recovery. In my opinion, it can only affect the players who will participate in the World Cup. In the end, the four candidates for the Scudetto will remain: Napoli, Milan, Inter and Juventus. As for the two instead, Lazio can approach those four thanks to Sarri and Roma as well, but that will depend on the investments they make, and on the players they buy into Mourinho. And anyway, for all of our teams, budget issues and a lack of money should spur ideas. You have to sharpen your wits and use an art very popular in Italy and especially in Naples, the art of living. We need to rediscover and refine the art of catch-up especially in a difficult moment like this, otherwise we are not going anywhere.”


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