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Too high a bill? Correcting this error can help

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The increase in the electric bill is not just a mistake of the historical moment. Sometimes it is our habits that give impetus to the mechanism of price increases.

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The price is on the bill this winter and who knows for how long. The problem of supplying raw materials led to drastic decisions (such as re-igniting some coal columns) and, above all, to a large expenditure of all Italian families. Big problem given that the increase in bills Corresponds to the period of full activity of the tax authorities And other restrictions that must be monitored to avoid the mockery of sanctions. In this context, there is only one strategy: do not deprive yourself of the obvious benefit of local users. But saving in consumption, yes. In fact, at the end of the month, the bill is always scary. That is why, during different days, it is a good idea to try to limit errors as much as possible.

Yes, because no one is infallible. Oftentimes, it is we ourselves who make a small push for equipment cost of living, for example through improper or excessive use of equipment. Still others forget to turn them off (completely), and leave consumption, however latent, Continue even if the device is apparently not in use. Trying to avoid these mistakes is important but not essential if you don’t focus on not making other mistakes that are certainly more harmful. In fact, it is often habits that play against us. That is why it is not easy to do two things: first of all to notice them, and secondly to avoid them.

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Heating, how much it costs us: warm winter tricks and a light bill

Bill, how high prices can be mitigated by correcting a habit

The appliances in the house are numerous and it would be really nice to be able to juggle their use without burdening the final bill. However, some small tricks can be crucial, without even realizing it. Some home appliances, more than others, end up affecting the final cost of your electricity bill. guilt Not only their willingness to increase consumption But also how often we use it. Just think of the dishwasher or the electric itself. Even forgetting about a connected outlet can help increase consumption in an “invisible” way. Common mistakes that make the final bill at prices we don’t expect, at least in a conscious way. Unconsciously, in fact, each of us is likely to know the mistakes that are frequently made.

The bill is going up dramatically: here are some practical tips to save

One of those devices we’re keeping an eye on, though, is likely the microwave. A useful device, undoubtedly, for its speed of action and its ability to make us run on gas as little as possible. In any case, if you save on the one hand, you risk on the other hand doing much worse. Heating dishes and drinks, and possibly baby bottles, is a very common practice. However, this is exactly where the error lies. Many of us, in fact, do not care what kind of container is used. Rather, it is a crucial component: putting disposable boxes in the microwave, or leaving the lid on one of them, means pushing the appliance to a higher consumption. Obviously, the reason is the long time it will take to heat the food. One of those habits that you don’t pay attention to but if you work frequently, you feel it at the time of the calculations.

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