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Tomorrow in Te Spazio the presentation of the book “Corami” by Augusto Murari

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Mantua – meetings continue in space for you included in the general programme Mantua: The Art of Living.

Tuesday, December 20 at 17 will be held Presentation of the book “Kurami” by Augusto Murari. Expert in leather decorative hardware and curator of the “Walls of Wonder” exhibition held at Palazzo Te in the first part of the exhibition season, Morari will present a precious A section of the large collection of leathers created over a decade by brothers William and Thomas Baroni. Kurami, which was very popular and completely lost today, was used on certain ceremonial occasions and in everyday life, arranged on the walls between the decoration of the upper part and the floor, with a practical function as insulation and showing wealth.

“The kurami collection is an extraordinary one,” says the curator of the book, “which brings together the kind of ancient artefacts that have remained hidden and deteriorated over time, particularly in northern Italy, where political turmoil followed much and quickly. These are precious leather goods, very popular among The Gonzaga family, which we know only from inventories and descriptions. Of the thousands of skins plated with silver and rarely of “solid gold”, purchased in the most important Italian centers, almost nothing remains of them.

In particular, the volume illustrates three types of artefacts from the Baroni collection: Venetian “hearts of gold”, embossed leathers and those with Renaissance motifs, including a sixteenth-century leather attributed to the Gonzaga estate, ascertained from During the Restoration under the ancient lining of the stamps of the coat of arms of the Mantuan family.

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The meeting is free entry without reservation While the seats last. The public program will end on Thursday November 22nd with a performance of Em-Power / The Force of Things at Spazio Studio Sant’Orsola, with Raffaele Latagliata, Valeria Perdonò, Federica Restani and Chiara Olivieri.

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