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Older brother Vib, Andrea Zelita breaks silence on Alex Bailey and Solai Sorge: ‘Complicated Situation’

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Ex Givino Andrea comments on the special relationship born in Gf Vip between Alex and Soleil.

The Collusion between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge getting stronger. to comment on special relationship born in a house big brother vip Ex Givino thought about it between the beautiful Italian-American actor and influencer Andrea Zelita.

Andrea Zelita’s confession about Alex Bailey and Sully Sorge

Alex E Sun They are undoubtedly between Undisputed champions From the sixth edition of big brother vip. Guest of the last episode of Gf Vip Party, ex-giffino Andrea He decided to break the silence and talk about his words strong complicity Which connects the contenders: “It’s a bit of a complicated situation. Alex said he doesn’t want to have any further clarifications with Delia inside the house, he can stay there. In my opinion he should understand what he’s doing and he has to think about what he’s doing, otherwise it’s obvious that Delia goes there obnoxious.”.

“When a physical approach affects the other person who is not with you and who suffers from it, it is right to take a step back.” Added a former competitor to the fifth edition of GF VIP “I would take a step back. There are always limits, it’s so intimate”.

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zelita Then conclude by criticizing the behavior Clear: “In my opinion Alex is more fond of his play than his women. He loves to talk about himself. The pool stirs emotions. What would Natalia do? She would deny everything but the confrontation with the red carpet!”.

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