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Tom Hanks charts his top 3 movie rankings and surprises everyone: Find out!

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Tom Hanks is currently promoting his latest effort, the movie pulsate Available on AppleTV +. During this promo, in an interesting interview, the Oscar-winning actor was asked about his personal arrangement for his feature films and his answer might surprise you quite a bit.

Cloud Atlas is put in the lowest step From Hanks’ scheme and probably no one will bet on it. The film may not have been very successful at the box office in 2012, but it has since garnered an enthusiastic following and is considered by many fans as a little-known masterpiece of the Wachowskis. The film is based on David Mitchell’s 2004 novel of the same name and casts Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in multiple roles as characters embody across generations.

Perhaps a few enthusiasts will identify it One of the best Tom Hanks movies Considering his huge films made up of real cinematic landmarks like Forrest Gump NS Save Private RyanHowever, the actor considers it one of his best films, as he explained during his appearance in “Bill Simmons Podcast” di The Ringer, Which you can watch the video above. Hanks was asked to choose his three favorite films: “I wouldn’t do it according to the way the movies look. I would write this arrangement in Based on personal experience obtained during its manufacture.

According to Hanks, atlantic clouds was one of the The most magical experience he had in his ten year career as an actor. The film was shot across Germany and featured a huge cast including Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Donna Bay, Ben Whishaw, James Darcy, Chu Sean, Keith David, David Gacy, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant. “Our heart is a hope and a dream, and nothing but a circle of love”, Hanks said. “It was my first time shooting a lot in Germany and I was surrounded by history. But the work in itself, we were part of this huge, huge group of great people who were just trying to do a harder and better job… The whole movie was so deep that it Make it magicalAnd concluded, if you are curious you can take a look at our photo Cloud Atlas Review.

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The actor pointed out their own league As his all-time favorite movie, especially since he played baseball all summer in pre-production and filming. second in his list forsaken, whose production has ended Long vacation in Fiji. “We had some daring adventures while making this movieHanks said. “We were in the middle of the ocean trying to shoot. We were in Fiji and my whole family was with me. Nothing but adventures every day.” The actor’s latest project is now streaming on Apple TV +, don’t miss our project Finch review.

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