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More than 25,000 visitors over the Christmas period

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Great success at Città della Scienza for the activities of the Christmas period, the month of science, games and imagination, which revived the Science Center from December 8 to last weekend. FEAST OF THE BEFANA was also a huge success, with more than 2,000 visitors participating in workshops, science presentations, and exhibitions in the program on January 6th.

The rich offer of new exhibitions, including the exhibition on the theme of space and the comic book exhibition “Bonelli Story”, has been a magnet for both the citizens of Naples and many tourists from our country and abroad.

In the month of Christmas activities, the Interactive Science Museum had about 25,000 visitors, nearly twice the number of visitors in 2019, the last reference year before the pandemic crisis. A clear reference to the re-launch of the Bagnoli chassis.

“We are very satisfied not only with the data themselves – declared Città della Scienza President Riccardo Villari – but above all with the fact that Città della Scienza has become completely part of the cultural and tourist offer circuit of the city, with large numbers and a good offer to a segment of the public, that is, families with Children and adolescents, which we believe is of great importance, precisely because it represents our future, a future in which science and technology are increasingly important.

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