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Dwayne Johnson has an idea for Hobbs & Shaw 2 | Cinema

Dwayne Johnson has an idea for Hobbs & Shaw 2 |  Cinema
This summer, we learned, thanks to shareholder statements Dwayne Johnson Hiram GarciaWhich the star concluded with an epic The Fast and the Furious, but not with that Hobbs and Shaw (Here are all the details).

The very energetic The Rock could, sooner or later, return to star in the episodic Fast & Furious saga where we saw him alongside Jason Statham. Meanwhile, however, Dwayne Johnson is involved in the press promotion of red notice, the heist movie produced by Netflix where we will find him alongside Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot and during a conversation in The Jesse Cagle Show Explain first what the rationale is by which he prioritizes the projects to which he devote himself and then have an idea of ​​the Hobbs & Shaw sequel which he has already communicated to the officials:

I’m currently at a moment in my career – I think you’ll appreciate – where, as we say internally at Seven Bucks, if a project crosses my path, it must have a muse effect. By this I mean that he must already have the strength to be able to move all the other projects to the side. If it’s a good project, it has that quality. For example: The Red Bulletin had the effect of Moses, the Black Adam had the effect of Moses, and Jungle Cruise had the effect of Moses. When it comes to Hobbs & Shaw, which we loved and loved shooting, there’s this idea I’ve already talked about with Universal’s Donna Langley, our screenwriter Chris Morgan and our producer Hiram Garcia. I revealed what it was – I obviously won’t tell you what it is – and it was loved by everyone. I can tell that it would be the antithesis of what Fast & Furious movies are generally about which go on and on and on and on, and this would be the perfect Hobbes movie. Without revealing anything: you will see a man leave at sunset. Donna loved my show, at Universal they are great partners, but I mentioned it “There’s an opportunity here, to go a little upstream and turn things around a little bit, to make a movie, inside the Fast & Furious universe, which is so unexpected, so people might say, ‘Oh, cool, thanks for doing that!'”. we will see. But Hobbes like this would clearly have a muse effect.

Obviously, given Dwayne Johnson’s many commitments, it remains to be seen when all can be accomplished.

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