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Barcolana: Sustainable Adriatic Summit Studies Solutions – Science and Technology – The New Europe

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(ANSA) – Trieste, Sept. 17 – From plastics to sulfur law, from blue economy to approaching Generation Z, ambassador of “native” environmental sensitivity. And again, from port logistics to the challenges of the hydrogen valley, to the actions companies are taking to support and protect the environment. These are the topics at the center of the Barcolana Sea Summit, scheduled for October 5-7 in Trieste as part of Barcolana54 presented by the Generali. The event, promoted by the sailing company Barcola and Grignano (Svbg), is being organized jointly with the Friuli Venezia Giulia region while waiting for public mandates to sustain the Upper Adriatic and Central Europe.

The aim of the summit, presented today, is to address the complex issue of sustainability and the need for an integrated approach capable of addressing it. The promoters explained that for the occasion, a laboratory will be created for technicians, scientists, politicians, communications, companies, youth and citizens “ready to work as a team to protect the Adriatic.” “Every citizen is called to do their part – noted Svbg President Mitja Gialuz – but this must be part of a global strategy guided by science.

We need a new strong alliance between the public, the experimenter, and the generations.”

“The spirit of Barcolana, sharing the same sea by boats of different classes, and respect for this element, are among the principles that have led us to share our policies with the environment in Slovenia, Croatia, Carinthia, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna.” “To achieve the goals of the European Green Deal at least 5 years before 2050, we must cooperate with the entire Adriatic and Central Europe.”

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Expected speakers include Umberto Galimberti, Piergiorgio Odefredi, Enrico Galliano and technicians from Osmere, Arba, Augs and the University of Trieste. The NIMRZ project will also be presented, in cooperation with ENGE, to plan a cross-border response against marine pollution in the northern Adriatic in the event of accidents at sea and on land. (Dealing).

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