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The Comic Out Strenna – Lo Spazio Bianco

The Comic Out Strenna – Lo Spazio Bianco

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In the Grandi Libri series, after several successes The Black Stories of Corriere dei PiccoliAnd the Paper soldiershe arrives happy birthday! couriera volume collecting comics about the Christmas holidays, telling about Italian history from 1908 until the arrival of the 1970s.

128 pages of short stories, games, and illustrations, with the most popular characters and big name characters courierAnd graphics and games with a sixty-year history, he commented on Roberto Bianchi, Alfred CastelliWalter Fuccisato Fabio GaducciAlessandra Lazzari Laura ScarpaAnd the Matthew Stefanelli. Scholars, critics, and historians analyze the course of history in cartoons with short texts.

Comedy Ott He’s always avidly studying the origins of the comics. This time with a really Christmas gift!
Collecting and annotating old Christmas stories might seem like a simple idea, but it turns out to be surprising. Re-read Christmas stories Littles Courier From its origins, it not only makes us relive the meaning of Christmas in different and different ways, but it tells us about the past century: the beginning of the century, Christmas during two periods of war, exciting and very different, the first patriotic hungry and sad the second. Between that, Christmas in the time of fascism, and in particular the Befana Littoria, which forcibly erases the very Italian character of the Befana, to turn it into pure politics … Even before Santa Claus intervenes, the war will eliminate these figures of state. It may also be surprising to have the winning fir in the nativity scene, various kinds of pictures, toys and gifts under the tree, up to the sixties, with a new mentality, richness and new consumption.
All these seemingly insignificant and light “skits” tell us about a century of great changes, but at the same time they play on the charm of gorgeous illustrations and big names Rubino, Mocino, Sto Even the most modern post-war ones.

The authors who sign the illustrated pages vary, and are certainly among the most famous and present in the history of the book courier: Carlo Pessi, Attilio Musino, Antonio Rubino, Stowe, Giovanni Manca, Bruno Angoletta, Mario Pompeii, Gustavo Petroniobut then signatures like Rinaldo Dami, Dino battleAnd the Grace NidasuIris De Paoli, Dino Attanasio, Leo Sembellin, Alfredo Castelli
Beauty to rediscover even in the most unusual pages.

A book to give as a gift, to browse with the family on public holidays, for collectors and those interested in the picture…
Strina’s real book that combines fun, entertainment, and deepening history and communication.



The Littles Courier It is the first motion picture newspaper in Italy. Born in December 1908, attached to the Christmas number Corriere della SeraHis story has different developments, with changing directors and times. The only break is between 1945 and 1946, when it was briefly called Il Children’s newspaper. in 1972 Newspaper Divided into boys courier And the CDP. The boys courier It is an important turning point that will see its decline in a few years, changing the name to Courier Boy. After creative, experimental, and other periods that saw the arrival of the first manga, Corriere dei Piccoli would be sold by Corsera to Egmont in the 1990s, and closed forever. But his story is the history of Italian comics, from bulbulbul to me Maltese short.


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