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Today -52°C in Utah, -25°C in New York

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A major frost and snow storm is currently hitting Central America: Temperatures have dropped today -52.3°C In The Sinkhole by Peter Sinks Utah. This is one of the lowest temperatures ever recorded in the US state, which is very close to the monthly record and not far from absolute. -56.2°C Registered on February 1, 1985. Either way, it’s the lowest in Utah since January 2002, 21 years ago.

Also affects severe cold CanadaRiviere aux Feuilles in the north QuebecThe temperature dropped -46.4°CIt touched the monthly record (it was -48.4°C) and recorded the coldest temperature of the entire winter in the coldest Canadian province.

Instead, it’s continued to warm in Florida and the US South, but what’s happening in Utah and Canada is the first sign of an important shift. Over the next few hours, in fact, the blizzard and freezing temperatures hitting the central states will cross California, bringing snow near the coasts. Already today 865 flights have been canceled in the US due to the storm covering Texas, where the occurrence of frostbite is most prevalent during these hours. In fact, 30% of scheduled flights at the Dallas airport were canceled. Meteorologists have issued a weather warning for Oklahoma and Arkansas for the next few hours.

Canada and United States Weather Warning: Between Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th February one of the most intense freeze waves on record

But the most exciting situation of all is what the models expect for the next few days and especially Friday 3 And Saturday 4 February. The maps are interesting: the polar vortex, spinning like crazy in northern Canada, will slide southward very rapidly, enveloping central-eastern Canada and the northeastern United States in a glacial bubble never seen at these latitudes. . Maps are unprecedented in history, with isotherms -41°C to do 850hPa It even reaches New England, the east coast of the United States between Portland and Boston, a few kilometers north of New York.

The irritation will be very fast, it will last for a few hours, but it will also be very, very violent, so that New York will fall very low on Saturday. -20°C In an incredible rematch, he broke his all-time records An exceptionally warm and completely snow-free winter so far. In the same year as new absolute records for Siberia and China, among others, it may now be remembered as one of the coldest in history, long highlighted in international climate history.

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