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“Tobacco is processed abroad” the documentary film about the events of Brindisi smuggling in Brindisi

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Tobacco Worked Foreign is coming to the cinema. The documentary, directed by Benito Ravoni and produced by Paso Ono, will be shown in cinemas on October 11-13, 2022 (18:30 / 21:00) at Andromeda Cinema. After the huge success of critics and audiences at its premiere at the Lecce Film Festival in June 2022, the documentary hit cinemas. A unique opportunity to be enjoyed on the big screen to track the events, circumstances, and devious and criminal mechanisms of the Brindisi organized crime.

A story that begins from afar, from the birth of smuggling to the intervention of the Sacra Corona Unita until the so-called “Operation Spring”. Unpublished testimonies, facts about blood, exclusive photos of one of the most controversial periods (1970-2000) in Polynesian history.

Plot: Foreign Working Tobacco (76 min) tells 30 years of smuggling and crime stories in the Brindisi region. In the early seventies, “Guatemala” opened a bar located in the suburbs of Brindisi. In the same period the Contestabile family established the first smuggling team. Between the founder of smuggling, Damiano Constabile and the owner of “Guatemala” Benito Ravone, there was always mutual respect and respect, which is why Guatemala Bar became the main headquarters of smugglers. Over the years, the tape has fully tested the phenomenon of so-called “clean” cigarette smuggling…and the deadliest of it all will follow shortly thereafter. With the contribution of the Puglia Film Authority and the Puglia Region.

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