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McGregor and Hawke, brothers traveling in film signed by Garçois, son of writer Marquis-

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From Francesca Scorcucci

Actors in the movie “Raymond & Ray”: Raymond (Ewan McGregor) is a sober man who lives a quiet life despite two divorces. Ray (Hawk), on the other hand, doesn’t hide a grudge.

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Raymond Wray (arriving at Apple TV+ starting Oct. 21 with a preview at the Rome Film Festival), or a journey into the sentiments of two brothers who share a grudge against a violent distant father. To explain the two heroes are Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke who have never worked on the same set. The meeting was favored by the film’s director and screenwriter, Rodrigo Garcia who in the past always talked about women with The things I know about herAnd the 9 women’s livesAnd the Albert Nobbs.

Garcia is the son of the writer Gabriel García Márquez and in this story about the relationships between father and son one asks him if he relied on his personal experience. “Not literally, my dad was definitely not a monster, but people tend to ask me how much he has influenced me and I answer that it happens to everyone. It doesn’t matter if I’m the son of a Nobel Prize winning writer or a taxi driver, a parent’s influence is always there. So, even if there’s nothing real about the relationship with my father in the movie, there’s this influence, this presence of father and son in their own lives.”

Raymond, played by Ewan McGregor, is a sober man who lives a quiet life despite two divorces. He appears to have forgiven. Ray (Hawk), on the other hand, doesn’t hide a grudge. His career as a musician was humiliated by his huge relative. “His father destroyed Ray’s self-esteem, and his creativity through music. Ray is talented but unable to express the damage his father has done. Eventually things will change, but this is not a movie about tolerance.” It is without a doubt a movie about personal growth: « I found my last line very moving, which says we didn’t really know. Raymond and Ray saw only one side of their parents, and there are other people who have entered his life and have a more positive relationship with him. I think that’s true a little bit for all humans. I remember my grandfather’s funeral. It was my mother She says that listening to everyone talking about him and telling other aspects of my grandfather’s personality, I realized that she knew her father only partially.”

On the other hand, MacGregor prefers not to tell much about his personal experiences. “Today it can no longer be done. Whatever I say, it will probably be picked up and slandered on the web”

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