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Fury Guy / The Movie That Rewards Ritchie and Statham’s “Efforts”

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The partnership between director Guy Ritchie and actor is one of the longest in modern action cinema Jason Stathamwhich started in 1998 with Lock and stock And it continues today with the arrival of Prime Video for their fourth movie together. man angry.

New edition of the French cash truck (Available on Netflix) The film tells the story of Patrick, better known as H, a silent and mysterious man who is hired by a security company after an ambush that killed some employees. When H’s convoy also comes under attack and the man thwarts the robbery on his own, killing all the thieves, it turns out that Patrick is no ordinary employee and what he’s hiding threatens to endanger everyone.

Richie, along with Evan Atkinson and Marne Davies, writes a noir that’s very far from his Gascon style and a bit of grit: straight from the excellent opening credits and starting with a steady shot, man’s anger It has a serious and demure look, the dialogues have the same drumbeat of the films that made the director’s films known, but in a different context, without the need for hyperbolic jokes or Tarantian relics.

This time Ritchie looks at Michael Mann’s films, takes his ambitions and stays on the surface, focusing on the setting and the rhythmic survey of the actions and the story and leaves all the characters in a murky silence and the actions without a motive, a mystery that reveals step by step thanks to a complex narrative construction that never gives the impression of a masterful force.

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Statham himself, surrounded by a string of tough and ruthless supporting actors, with proper faces and looks, though She remains faithful to his recurring coordinates, pressing his interpretation as if he wants to explode from the inside, imbibing the physical show and letting one’s own pain grow behind the granite skin.

man’s anger It is clear that a film built on stereotypes and clichés with proven effectiveness, which practically does not go a step further than usual, but in Richie He finds dryness in tone, seriousness in style, and an almost unexpected happiness of perception, which makes one of his most honest films, an entertainment that never misses a moment, though at some length that now seems, given the films average duration, to be part of the game.

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