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TMW RADIO – “I, Lazio and Injuries”: Ernesto Caliste on “Storie di Calcio”

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A long process in Lazio’s youth teams, with which he made his Serie A debut on 7 October 1984 in Ascoli Lazio (0-0) and in which he also plays in the difficult B leagues, where Capitoline risked until c. He scored 48 league games and one goal (he scored in the Italian League). Let’s talk about Ernesto CalisteThe protagonist of the new episode Football Stories a Radio TMW.

He also had two seasons at Fiorentina, but he also wore the Verona shirt that was relegated to Serie B in the 1989-90 championship, only to get an immediate promotion to Serie A in 1990-91. It closed in 1998 with Monterotondo in the Second Division at the age of almost 39. Some time ago in an interview he said: “Viccini was like a father, a wonderful person, a gentleman. He was very good managing the group. Perhaps we had the strongest U-21 team ever: Mancini, Vialli, Di Napoli, Mattioli, Zinga, Donadoni I did the first part of qualifying for the European Championship and then it was the injury that cut me off. Otherwise I would have had a different career, and I would probably have played in the 1990 World Cup, when Ficini laid a lot of siege on this squad.” Here is his story.

I lived in Tor Sapienza, when I was a kid I underwent a Lazio performance and that’s how I started. My father was from Rome, but there was not all that passion. On my mother’s side, they were all from Lazio. I had many coaches who marked my career. Nicolas Foglia chose me for the test in Lazio and was decisive. As a professional, Fascetti was very important, and so was Bagnoli. The relationship with Ericsson was not the best, because I came from a severe injury. I had a great opportunity in Fiorentina, but I didn’t take full advantage of it, even for my own fault“.

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