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TMW EXCLUSIVE – Cornelison and Cuomo in Serie A and life after football: ‘Today the condominium manager’

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Say Dan Cornelson and immediately think of Como in the First Division, the county who in the ’80s was at the table of the greats: four saves in a row, so many talents baked in. And consistent in his attack: the same Swede, who arrived in the summer of 1984, was a new champion for Germany. He remained until 1989, the year of relegation, in which he collected 112 matches and scored 18 goals. Football for Cornelison, 60, late and mics Tuttomercatoweb He tells us about his new life:

What is Dan Cornelison doing today?
“I live in Sweden, in Gothenburg. I have worked as a condominium manager for 15 years now. I manage 15 complexes, which obviously occupy me full time.”

Cucumber Unlike other previous players, many of them remained in the football world
“I also tried to stay in football and also trained for a few seasons. I did that in Häcken, the youth sector.”

What made you change direction?
“In Sweden, you don’t live from football, unless you reach the highest levels. There are those 5-6 teams where it is possible, otherwise you have to emigrate. There was also a possibility, just think of Como.”

How did it turn out?
“My wife did not want to come to Italy, she preferred to stay in Sweden. So I decided to move on.”

It was possible to open a second nice arc, after that as a football player. What memories do you have?
“The first year was unlucky, I remember hurting myself in a match against Sampdoria. In the second year I showed my value. In the end there were five seasons left in a period when Italy was the best league in the world. It was there. Each team accommodates only foreigners, and it was my pleasure To be one of the few chosen aliens.”

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She arrived at New Como as the Bundesliga winner with Stuttgart, where she scored 12 goals. In short, it is not the supporting actor. Such a move is unimaginable today
“Even at that time, to tell the truth, they asked me why a similar choice was made. Benfica wanted me too, but I wanted to compete in the best league in the world. Hence I always had a certain breed of Italy: when I was a child I always went to Italy on vacation: I remember Cinque Terre, Rimini, Pisa…”.

Have you had any other opportunities in Italy?
“I know there was also the possibility of him coming first, Renault Marchesi was coaching Napoli and he noticed me in Gothenburg. In the end I found him in Como, in my second year.”

His partner in the attack on the banks of the Lario was Stefano Borgonovo
“A tandem that today in Italy will be among the best in Serie A. I went to see him when he was sick at Monza. He made eye contact, but he couldn’t actually speak. That was heartbreaking.”

Are you back in Como again?
“Yes, I do that a lot. I was there for the club’s birthday, and we had a nice meeting with my old teammates. There was also the new manager Dennis Wise and many people who gave birth to a nice party”

best memory?
“It is difficult to choose one, because I was able to compare myself with people like Maradona, Gullit and Van Basten. Of course, playing at the San Siro in front of 80 thousand spectators has a special charm …”.

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