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TMW – De Siervo: “Football has lost over a billion, players are zero. A deeply selfish act”

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Luigi de CervantCEO – Lega Serie A, speaking about the product growth associated with the Italian Premier League during a training day at the VAR Center in Lissoni: “Litigation is overcome by moving forward and thinking about the product, and trying to enrich it also thanks to the best VAR center in the world, trying To enrich the product.Recovery? We are still in full crisis, the show has resumed a bit but the world of football paid a very high price and it was only properties and players who did not pay even one euro. There was an act of deep selfishness, they did not reduce their profits in any way and infinitely Small. This world has lost a billion and two, and guys are nothing. I’ve said this in every context and it’s a serious fact because they’re supermodels.”

Have you heard Ferrero, would you like to tell him something?
“I hope Massimo resolves his personal situation, we are close to him from a human point of view.”

Is this technology the waiting room of the Italian League channel?
“I think so, objectively, I think historical change is underway, the association has built a lot in recent years, and we’re moving in the direction of creating a product independently. That doesn’t mean we’re alienating TV and networking, but we can’t be slaves to a potential market agreement that punishes us, This possibility would be another option.”

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