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Tita-Ponty is still dominating the Nagra 17 World Championship in Canada. Ugolini-Giubilei silver.

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Roger Titta And Katerina Panty For the second time they are the world champions of Nagra 17, the flying Olympic class that already prevailed in 2018 and then in Tokyo, they won a good gold that Italian sailing has been missing for a long time. .

In Canada, they won 14 of 17 races at Margaret’s Bay in Nova Scotia with a dominant performance. Just let them win the title mathematically a day early. That is, reserved for the top 10 classifieds before competing in the medal race, which awards double points. A racing regatta, because it requires regulation, but is played in complete relaxation.

For Italy, the gold pair’s success was complemented by silver Gigi Ugolini And Maria Cubili, who played in the medal race with rivals Finland and Great Britain, as all three were within a few points. However, the two Romanians who ran until recently entered the Air Force sports team for the Compagnia della Vela di Brasciano, as worthy students of Dita – Banti, managed to finish second in the medal and take the second step of the podium. Among others, a result was added to the under-17 world title won in Marseille in 2018.

The extraordinary performance of Ruggero Tita and Caterina Panti, Fiamme Gialle, for whom Circolo Canottieri Aniene, was underlined by the Anglo-Saxon press, which abandoned the usual phlegm, additionally defining their results as “bullet hit”. The term “dominant” for the two Italians underlines the performance gap with the others, especially on the sides to tighten the air. As a result of the development of flight-determining foils – Ruggero, 30, a computer engineer, has been working on their optimization for several years – the compliance of the crew reacts by flying at a speed of 50 km / h over water, so that the enemy does not know “where to turn the head” to achieve their speed. It should be remembered that Ruggero and Caterina won the European Championship this summer.

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“We are happy with this very important result, in which we never got down from the top step of the podium – say Ruggero and Caterina together – the road is still long, we know where to work and we want to improve ourselves. , especially for this new system of steering. Nagra 17’s We are very satisfied with how the Italian team is at the top.”

The coach echoes them Ganga Bruni, Chekhov’s brother, is the helmsman of the Luna Rosa. “Tita-Panty have shown truly impeccable handling of the Nagra 17 at this World Championship.”

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