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Ianicelli: “Go from Naples to Canada? He did well: he made a turn”

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Editorial Board11 June 2022 12:20

Captain Napoli’s bold choice: As agreed on Radio Marte’s microphones, journalist Pepe Ionicelli understands and respects it.

Lorenzo Insine Completely changed, he will move to Campania and Italy and drop out in a few years, where he will play in the MLS Championship, the highest American competition. Toronto. A spectacular adventure that the Napoleonic footballer embraced with enthusiasm, despite the hope that his Naples would stay in Naples until the last. However, he had no economic contract with Aurelio De Laurentiis, who paid him half of the captain’s salary.

Revealed during Lorenzo Insigne’s Farewell, Today, Pepe Ionicelli For microphones Radio Tuesday: TheHas nsigne found the best solution for your life and your family? Yes, he did well. He made a very bold choice because he could have allowed them into a big top club in Europe for another two or three years.

“Obviously, he wanted to go to a country like Canada and change his life, where the quality of life is very high. His children will also benefit.”

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