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“Once again Canada is sending us home. This is the third time.”

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A heroic performance Lorenzo Sonego This, after beating Francis TiafoeWith the blue shirt he is again excited and pulsating Denis Shapovalov In a very intense and exciting three-set battle. Blue has been cancelled 12 Break the balls 13 In the first game of the third set, he conceded to his opponent at two, three on 3-3Basic Crossroads of Competition.

His coach was satisfied and excited Zibo UrbinoInterviewed by Director of, Ubalto Scanagata: “He showed a lot of heart and courage. Today he was much better, more determined than yesterday, supported by the team. I told him that I was inspired by “Braveheart”. The whole team supported him and gave him a lot of confidence.

I said he played a great match against Tiafoe, but today he played even better.

“He played even better today on wings of passion. He should be positive and good at responding. I played it backwards by playing to the strong point of the left hand. We did things differently by preparing the match in an unconventional way and surprised the Canadian.

When you saw him lose the second set after leading 5-2 in the tie break, did you feel a little tired? The bookmakers took Shapovalo’s victory for granted, given two break points at the start of the third set and at 3-3..

“Those were very difficult moments, but mentally I knew Lorenzo would hold on. There was certainly frustration for the missed opportunity, but we were optimistic about the progress of the race.

When did you hear about the switch between Bolelli and Berretini in the decisive doubles match??
“Yesterday Poleli was still there all day. He was not feeling well and for me it was a wise decision not to risk his rest during a decisive match. Tests were carried out in the last few minutes and at that time we opted for a change.

Berettini really encouraged Lorenzo and we hope we didn’t waste too much energy.

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He is great and I believe he will do well in decisive doubles. Not risking Polelli was the right decision. Berettini is another player who plays with a big heart and there is a wonderful atmosphere in the team.

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