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A positive first outing for Matilde

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In their first official outing, Mr. Bretone’s Bondino hockey team faces HT Bologna at home in a derby that always carries many emotions. Bondino who has to let go of Costanelli and Marcelini, but is recovering as a leader

Tatar, refined to command the defense. After the first minutes of study, at the first short corner, the visitors took the lead with a goal from Senasi. In the second quarter of the match, it was an arrogant decline from Al-Mregui that favored the equalizer for Sochi, who went past the goalkeeper without any major difficulties. In the third quarter of the match, Sochi gave the Matildas the lead again with a brilliant own goal. Then there were some dangers in the Calzolari area, which the young goalkeeper blocked well. In the final minutes of the third period of the match, Bondino increased his lead. First, it was Muzioli who scored with a beautiful shot from a short corner kick, then Alli Bergamini scored from a brilliant counter-attack, started by Consoli, passed by Hussein, and finished by Bergamini himself. In the latter half of the game, there is time for the very young player’s personal seal

Bartniewski, who scored his first goal in an external competition with the first team. The cup derby ended 5-1, and many positive notes on the day, with Bondino highlighting a very good defence, with an excellent debut from Juan Consoli providing strong support for captain Tartari and his teammates. Excellent performance by Hussein, currently at an excellent level. Overall, the entire team performed well, with the only notable inconsistency

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Andrea Bergamini was sent off, a few minutes before the end, and will therefore miss the next cup match, scheduled for next Saturday again at the Giati Stadium. Last Sunday, the U14 men’s and women’s teams took to the field for their first official match of the season.

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