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Tina sees Sandro again, goodbye to Adelaide

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There will be many innovations that will characterize the new episodes of Ladies’ paradise, broadcast at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Recently released developments revealed that Tina Amato will meet her ex-husband Sandro Recalcate, while Countess Adelaide will be leaving the soap for a few months. Only when Vittorio and Tina get closer than expected will Sandro return to Milan. So the former spouses will find themselves discussing their marriage and the young singer’s illness.

Previews for new episodes The Paradise of the Ladies, Sandro Recalcati is back

spoilers de Ladies’ paradiseRegarding the new episodes scheduled to be shown in 2022, the announcement of big news for viewers who follow the series. The feeling that episode after episode will grow between Vittorio Conte and Tina will be severely experienced by the unexpected arrival of Sandro Recalculation. It was the same actor Luca Capuano who confirmed, through his social profiles, his return to the series. daughter of Giuseppe So soon Agnes will find herself talking again about her past. After revealing her secret to her parents, the young artist will have to deal with this situation in front of her ex-husband.

The latter actually betrayed her, having discovered her vocal cord disease. How will Vittorio react? Will he still be willing to take care of Tina?

Spoiler Il Paradiso 6, Adelaide leaves the scene

While Sandro Recalcate He will return to Milan to meet his ex-wife TinaInstead, viewers will witness another main character exit from the soap.

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It’s about the countess Adelaide from Saint ErasmoPlayed by Vanessa Gravina. And the news emerged through the actress herself, who reported on social media that her character would leave soap for more than a month. It looks like the actress, who plays Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo, will devote herself to some of the theatrical commitments made earlier.

At the present time it is believed that excision of the aunt Martha Associated with the arrival of Flora Gentile Ravasi. daughter of Achille She is ready to do anything to find out the truth about her father’s disappearance. In fact, developments reveal that the young designer will soon receive a photo from Cosimo depicting her father before his death. Looking at the photo, Flora will notice something very strange and hasten her investigation into her father’s death. His skepticism will mainly focus on praise Guarnieri. Despite this, Umberto will do his best to make the designer believe it has nothing to do with Ravasi’s disappearance.

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