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Calderara, seventh appointment to the revision of the Teatro Spazio Renault

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Seventh date “Shall we go to the theater?” The Calderara Municipal Winter Festival continues on Friday, March 18th. Bluebeard and Rossana will be shown on stage at Spazio Reno at 9pm by Mattioli Company. The series, starring Monica Mattioli who also directed it with Alice Busy, has its roots in Charles Perrault’s popular fairy tale Bluebird, inspired by a careful reading of current issues such as abuse and violence against women. Bluebeard and Rossana, one of the festival’s seven performances for children and teens, is recommended for audiences 9 years and older. Here are more details about the evening, then focus on the review and information about reservations and access to the theater.

Friday March 18 – 9 pm

bluebird and rosanna

Mattioli company

Show for children from 9 years old and adults

Actor and storyteller

With Monica Mattioli
Directed by Monica Mattioli and Alice Bossi

To maintain the original flavor of the story, the narrator actress gives body and voice to the two protagonists by using some symbolic objects: red roses that signify the beginning of love, the key that opens the forbidden room, golden lanterns that mark the way not to go and a beard of blue ropes that charm, embrace and protect but gradually tighten until It hurts. Poetic and evocative visuals, playful moments, an atmosphere full of emotional tension, enveloping music to tell an ancient fairy tale that may not have been so old. love story? Maybe. Or maybe a story like many others. Like a lot of everyday stories. Bluebird and Rosanna teach to listen to oneself and not allow oneself to be manipulated, rebelling in the face of relationships that stifle, prevent, and cancel.

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Children and over 65 € 5.00
Adults 8.00 EUR
Discounts € 7.00 for Coop Alleanza 3.0 members, smaller card, DOC card

Info and reservations
Spazio Reno Theatre
Telephone. 051.722700
[email protected]

It is also possible to book at:

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