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Company restoration: Reclamation is underway at full speed, and the ice hockey field area will be ready for construction sites during the year. In June, the appeal hearing. In the Rogredo region there is also the new campus of the Conservatory, a Children’s Museum and Esselunga

Business is moving at full speed, according to Risanamento (General Manager Davide Albertini Petroni). Pleas? We have to wait for the result, the hearing in June. However, the agreements reached with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Serravalle on access to the area are likely to significantly reduce the incentive range (Giancarlo Tancredi, city advisor for urban renewal). PalaItalia olimpico, the ice hockey arena for the 2026 Games? Reclamation is progressing and we are sure that we will stay on the roadmap to ensure construction sites for the plant. Inspection of the owners of the district and the municipality is trying to give some answers to the doubts about the fate of the area on the southeastern outskirts of Milan, Santa Giulia Rogredo, formerly Monte City, a piece of the industrial city partially converted into homes, offices and shops. And now he promised Milan’s Olympic ambition. The second phase.

TAR Pleasures and Remediation

Not one call, but two calls. On PalaItalia awaiting applications to the Tar of Forumnet (Assago Forum Company) and Ametista, the group that owns the Borromea Shopping Center in Peschiera. However, all the players on the field say they are calm about honoring deadlines. Reform With regard to reclamation, Cts Eventim for the timing of the establishment of the square and the municipality of the administrative part falls to it. in detail. The reclamation operations concern the northern sector of Santa Giulia (where more than 3,000 apartments, offices and hotels will be built, as well as the arena) on an area of ​​approximately 800,000 square meters (half of which is yet to be developed). Excavations began in July 2021 with a deadline set in 2022 For the PalaItalia segment and 2024 for the whole region.

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Science Museum and Music Campus

We are in the southeast quadrant of the city, which will change even more in the coming years: in addition to hosting two strategic buildings for the 2026 Olympics, Pala Italia for hockey In Santa Giulia and the Olympic Village in Porta Romana, there are focused public and private investments that will lead to extensive renovation, Commissioner Tancredi asserts. In addition to PalaItalia, Santa Giulia will have a park of about 362,000 square meters, schools, a science museum for children, the new campus of the Conservatory (here is an insight into Bosco della Musica), housing in agreed-upon and free housing, commercial activities, offices and shops. There is already an Esselunga supermarket on the map.

Tram and dining area

The area will be connected by a tram line connecting the yellow Rogoredo M3 metro station (and high-speed rail hub) and the new Forlanini M4 station, on the emerging blue line. The Lendlease dining area actually originated in the Spark District, on the south side of Santa Giulia, in the Sky District.

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