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The banknote with the back is worth a fortune: photo

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Coins, both ancient and modern, are often thought to have great value, but what is completely overlooked is that in fact even banknotes It can have a very high value especially in some respects.
The most avid collectors, some of whom are world-renowned, certainly don’t stop at coin collecting alone, which, while fascinating, can be almost limiting for collectors.

With the change in the design of the various banknotes that occurred a few years ago, it seems important for us, to define ourselves in the eyes of a collector, to have issues of each denomination separately.
There are different types of collectibles, but perhaps the most specific is the one that also includes the famous banknotes.a test“which contains”a sampleIt is a special type of ticket that is printed in an amount of about one hundred pieces per category created ateuro He was almost ready to go into circulation.

In fact, banknotes of this type were sent to wallets Central Bank of Europe Who will supervise it well and only then approve it. This example of a banknote was also addressed to the highest officials of the world economy, and those who today bear the signature of Wim Duesenberg (Governor) are of great value. In fact, each denomination has a different price: the 5 and 10 € denominations are around 750 €; The price of 10 and 20 euros is about 1200/1500 euros; Finally, the denominations are 100, 200, and 500 in value 2,000 to 2,500 euros for each one of them.

View file rarity Those who have fiat currencies with the above symbol, it is easy to enjoy looking at those who have a particular currency password. The serial number, written in the upper right of the back, consists of a letter and 11 digits for the old version and 2 letters and 10 digits for the new version. Banknotes with a “certain” serial number can have a lot of value today. They have, for example, those who have a number Ascending order or decreasing, those with symmetrical numbers or those with fewer equal digits that repeat.

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