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Tim, a blow to all customers starting in February: This wasn’t required

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A ready hit to hit Tim users from February. Let’s see what happens to operator customers.

The blows on Tim users do not end, and starting in February they will have to face new inconveniences. Let’s go and see what happens to all the Italian customers.

Italian telephone company logo (via screenshot)

for users TimTelecomtaliaUnfortunately, it is time to increase the new prices in the tariff plans. In fact, the neglect dates back to the last few hours, some customers will see the cost of their offer increase from next month. The phone company’s notification should come through some short message. Moreover, contact could arrive next Monday January 17 2022.

So we come back to talk about reconfigurations for all users of the Italian player. Moreover, this move reminds us of the move he made windTR At the end of 2021. So it looks like from the next day February 28, 2022 Some mobile network offers will suffer Increase 2 euros per month. So let’s go and see all the details about the costs of the new company’s subscriptions.

TIM, new modifications for users: price increases starting from €2

Italian telephone company logo (via screenshot)

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At the moment, there is no list of the rates at which these increases will be applied on the Italian company’s official website. To break the news, though, think about it According to the specialized portal, in fact, offending offers should not be on the market. So it could be an operator attack strategy that usually gives a lot of data to your internet traffic. Moreover, the respective tariff plans should shift from 7.99€ to 9.99€/month.

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Despite this increase, all affected users will need to receive it 20 GB Extra to browse in InternetAs a gift from the Italian operator. In addition to this increase in data for Surf the Internet It will happen every month. Moreover, the phone company will notify all users from next Monday and the right of withdrawal can still be exercised within 60 days From the official contact. If the user wants to stay Tim However, you will be able to activate the tariff plan of another operator.

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