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If you delete a Messenger chat, you can restore it | foolproof method

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Digital communication has, in recent years, become Fast, secure and free. Several years have passed since the advent of social media and many innovations have been introduced in the field Telecommunications Personal relationships and sharing experiences online.

Through new ways Increasingly at the forefront, it is actually possible to keep in touch in a simple and effective way with relatives or friends scattered all over the world. It’s been many years since all of this seemed too futuristic to be true, but technology has made great strides in recent years, allowing us this and more.

With new communication methods, developed in the form of applications for mobile phone, tablet or computer, It was also possible to implement new methods of performing traditional functions and, more generally, to organize full working days without leaving home.

From WhatsApp to TelegramThere are dozens of applications that allow instant messaging and voice calls with excellent quality and video calls Instant, completely free and requires only an internet connection. Not to mention many other great features like casting Very high quality pictureswhich is very useful when speaking of photos or documents that are used for work.

However, technology also causes us to make mistakes that we regret. But sometimes, it is possible to fix it.

Facebook and messengers

Messengers and Facebook

One of the greatest revolutions in technology and communications is the rise of social networks, which are increasingly becoming a mass tool. Social media is still in the lead this round, Facebook.

He was called at the start The FacebookThe site was developed in 2004 by Mark ZuckerbergEduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes initially intended to connect people within the prestigious American University of Harvard.

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The service was a huge success, which quickly led to its expansion into a real service mass phenomenon Which conquered the world after not long. The possibility to tell one’s own truths and read others’ truths, quickly and immediately, was for many stimulus enough to allow Facebook to spread like wildfire.

right on time , on Facebook Other jobs depend on it. One above all the app represents messengers. Messenger is external application From Facebook but affiliated with it, it was born to compete with the main services of instant message Which was born at the same time as WhatsApp for example.

Recover deleted messages in Messenger

Messenger logo on mobile
Hey, you

Messenger is an app that is external to, but affiliated with, Facebook, and is useful for Exchange messages with anyone among our Facebook contacts In a simple and fast way. Over the years the application has been implemented to support other types of communication such as Voice calls or video calls.

How often does that happen accidentally or on purpose Delete even very important chats? Sure, if it is about chats that are not of interest to us, it will not be so dramatic but if it is about chats in which we hold certain memories, not finding them anymore will definitely not have a good effect.

A messenger comes to the rescue in a way Recover deleted messages. Doing so is not very immediate because Messenger does not directly allow to recover deleted messages.

However, it is possible Contact Facebook directly. with a job Download your information from Facebook, The social network can actually save all the information collected about us, including deleted chats. However, once you get it It will not appear in your chat box But it will be possible to download them via computer or mobile phone using HTML/JSON reader.

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Be careful though It says that the chats are not deleted. You may have just archived it and you can find out if this is the case in a few simple steps.

Open the Messenger app (If you don’t have it installed, you can do it from PlayStore or AppStore)

  • Click on an icon personal file appeared at the top left of the screen
  • A drop down menu will open and you will have to tap on the item “archived chats”
  • Press and hold on the chat you want to restore and then tap on the item “not archived” This will show you

At this point, the chat will return to its place in the chat box.

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