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Tiger Man is an upcoming manga-based live-action film in an Italian co-production

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Japanese publishing house Kodansha has granted the rights to produce a live-action film based on the legendary character Tiger Man to Italian production companies Fabula Pictures srl and Brandon Box. The manga, written by Ikki Kajiwara and Naoki Tsuji, became an anime series that defined an entire generation.

It was expected that if another drawing was made Real film Based onTiger manwas produced in Italy: Japanese publishing house Kodansharights holder Original manga (From which more than one famous person was taken Anime series) In fact, modification rights were granted to local production companies Fabula pictures Written by Marco and Nicola De Angelis, H Brandon Box By Andrea Sgaravati. The project will have nothing to do with a previous film that was released in Japan ten years ago and was received very coldly.

The Tiger Man becomes a biopic in an Italian production

Manga Tiger maskfor us Tiger manwritten by Ikki Kajiwara Which he designed Naoki TsujiIt was published from 1968 to 1971, but did not reach Italy until the early 2000s. Here we actually met the orphan History of Naotoheart of a fighter of gold wrestling Against violence Tiger’s denstarting in 1982: since that date, in factThe anime is produced by Toei AnimationDating back to the years 1969-1971, it is divided into 105 episodes, some of which have literally entered the collective imagination of a generation (and certainly the generation of those over forty, represented by the writer).
Marco and Nicola De Angelis from Fabula picturesalready behind productions such as Divine plexus And childThey commented on what they consider a qualitative leap: “We are proud to announce this ambitious project, which confirms our passion for research in the field.” International storiesAble to excite and engage national and international audiences.” Brandon Box Instead he produced an adaptation dampier “Our passion was born,” Bonellian and Sgaravati say of the Tiger Mask project Stories that influenced our childhood, like a tiger mask. “A profound story that captivated us as children and helped us grow and fight through adolescence.”
Here at the bottom we can just include a file Historical Italian song for the animehardly less specific than the national anthem.

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