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Press Play Music into Our Lives Amazon Prime Romance Movie Review :: Today’s Blog

Press Play Music into Our Lives Amazon Prime Romance Movie Review :: Today’s Blog

From July 16 on me Amazon Prime Video It exists Press play – music in our lifeFilm 2022, starring Danish actress and singer Clara Rogaard and American actor Louis Pullman (Our Love) Rit From outer range), and a small part for Danny Glover.

If you’re looking for a quick tip on this movie, we’ve got it right for you: It’s a classic American love comedy (youth), with a touch of time travel In the Quantum leap (or to paper girlsor perhaps a comparison with undone), so if you’re looking for something like this, play it safe enough, or else you can go ahead.

On the other hand, if you want to know more about this dramatic romantic comedy, to decide whether or not to watch another love movie, you can continue reading this review, starting with the spoiler-free plot. click play.

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What is Press Play?

Laura (Rugaard) is located in a classic American beach town (type summer in your eyesso to speak) and here her best friend Chloe introduces her to her half-brother Harrison, who works in an “antique” record store, and his peculiarity is the wall where there are cassette tapes with groups of people who have sold their old music without noticing those tracks: the shop that Run by an old Cooper (Glover) company called Lost & Found.

Between Laura and Harrison, the first topic of discussion was spot on the music, which soon became the soundtrack to their summertime love, including concerts, surfing, kisses and announcements. In fact, to be honest, they really do record the soundtrack to their story, with the songs important to them ending on a cassette, and to seal everything Harrison gives Laura a Walkman (for the youngest of them, the predecessor of mp3 players).

In the height of happiness, the day after Harrison’s birthday, the boy wakes up early to go alone surfing in the ocean, but is involved in an accident that cost him his life, and Laura is in unbearable desperation.

Four years later, Laura has not forgotten her great love, and when she finds her old instrument with assembly, she pressed the play button (hence the title) and incredibly went back to the past, to the moment she heard that song. Harrison, who is clearly still alive. We stop here so you don’t get spoiled, but we invite you to take a look Official Announcement From click play.

Pros and Cons of Press Play

Having made it clear from the beginning that watching the movie is only recommended for those who want to watch a romantic and (also not) dramatic, let’s briefly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Press Play.

Among the positive aspects, in addition to the chemistry between the two protagonists, we definitely put the music, almost a hero from this story. It’s not very well known music, especially if you (like the writer of this article) are no longer up to date with the latest bands, but the way the songs have gone down in history is certainly appreciated.

By the way, the idea of ​​connecting jumpers is very nice, even if it is not very original (or maybe it is better to say Knot) thunderstorms when listening to songs (unlike Stranger Things 4if we think about it, where there was a need instead to stay connected to reality): anyone could, in this case, recognize the erotic power of the songs we listened to as youth, and in this sense the role of “Virgilian” in Dante’s sense Danny Glover is perfect.

To be strict, at least one criticism should be directed at this movie. Which, although it doesn’t claim to be the centerpiece of cinema, still seems a bit rushed, especially in the first part, when the love between Laura and Harrison becomes something magical without giving the audience time to connect with it, but also in time jumps that seem Too fast and too close to each other.

In short, a film that is too short for the story it tells and the need to emotionally engage the spectators, but generally makes itself watch in order to interest its premise and see how it ends (and you obviously don’t. We say that). Now that you’ve been warned, it’s your choice to watch it or not.

Rating: 6.5


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