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Tierney, Alberto Pelleri: Case of abandonment of Colistat’s multifunctional space construction site, is Corso Tasito’s voter worth more?

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Written by Alberto Belleri, former Chancellor of Public Works for the Municipality of Terni

A state of neglect and neglect in which the site of exceptional maintenance works has been subjected to recovery, conservative rehabilitation and redevelopment of the municipal green area of ​​Fontevecchia (Pieve Santa Maria) in Collestatte, in the territory of the former and former Collestatte municipality VI ^ Valnerina Terni municipal area.

The project was approved by Municipal Council Resolution No. 536 of November 29, 2007. Designers: the late Arch Massimo Romani and surveyor Giampiero Domiziani.
The amount financed for the first functional part is €230,000.00, Loan Funds Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.
The first functional part – the construction of the first multifunctional field in the artificial turf, the exposed structure of the service building, has been completed for a long time now (in 2010/11), allowing the youth of the Colistat and the surrounding area to use it.
The completion of the second multifunctional field, the completion and furnishing of the utility building (bathrooms, changing rooms, offices and meeting rooms) was financed in 2016 with around 90 thousand euros.
The current administration, in office since June 2018, has not only pursued business completion – which is the correct logic of administrative continuity and the protection and preservation of publicly owned assets – a good practice of conduct – not even making the construction site safe; She never maintained the greenery and thick vegetation that grew; do not remove piles of waste; Young people are not allowed to use the facility that has already been built safely.

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Not only does it do all this, it has also left the region in complete neglect.
The insult was added to the damage done fortunately, with the responsibility of the executive branch, the technical departments and the property in charge – it would be correct to call it theft at the expense of the local community and the territory – because €90,000.00 funded by the previous administrations to complete the work, were transferred to the complementary works of the fountain in Piazza Tasito .
People will say: Do you want to put the fountain, a work of art of indisputable national value, with the equipped green area of ​​the Collestatte?
Want to put! No, we don’t.
But we remember two things:
1- The aforementioned project is located near the former parish church of St. Maria, whose traces in archive texts date back to the year 800;
2- In 2018, in the administrative elections for the mayor and city council, citizens voted by a large majority for the current mayor and the political forces that support him. Well, do you want to put an elector from Colistat and an elector from Corso Tacito?

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