September 27, 2023

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Spazio Conad “Spazio Outlet”, promotions July 5-17: Browse the new flyer

Spazio Conad “Spazio Outlet”, promotions July 5-17: Browse the new flyer

Konad Flyer. The amazing and great offerings from the Conad brand continue: when quality meets comfort, it’s a combination you can’t miss. Obviously, as usual, these are opportunities and offers that are subject to expiration. So hurry up, there is time From July 5 to July 17. Here are the best new Conad Newsletter offers picked for you by the editorial staff.

Conad’s best offers in the new flyer

in brand new Konad Flyer We’ve Found Products That Fit But Not Only: Scottex Wipes A 2.15 EURAnd the neutromide bubble bath €1.85Bear Ceres A 4.99 €And the Molino Bianco Biscuit A 2.35 EURnovi a 5.30 EURCafe Lavazza A 8.45 EURAnd the dado star a 0.85 EURA . Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3.79 €

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Low prices and excellent quality from Konad

Then lower the prices of premium products again: Barilla pasta 0.98 €Carte D’or Ice Cream A 3.99 €frozen pizza 3.50 EURAnd the Findus peas a 3.95 EURAnd the smoked salmon a 9.90 €Asiago PDO a 2.79 €Activia Yogurt A €2.99Mascarpone Granarolo A 2.29 €hello golfta a 17.90 €And the Parmigiano Reggiano A 14.90 €

outside the food section

Here are some other Conad deals that you shouldn’t miss: Aya chicken breast €9.99ZeroWatt washing machine 189.00 EURSmartphone LG K52 A 145.00 EURAnd the Bestway Swimming Pool A 279.20 €SPA Whirlpool Intex A 552.00 EURpancake pan a 11.95 €coffee maker a 8.99 €slipper flops a 14.94 €LG Smart TV A 299.00 euros. are you still there? Don’t miss these and many others.

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Other flyer pages

Here is a quick review of the other great offers you can find in Conad’s new flyer: