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Thus “useful science” improves our lives – Chronicle

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The “Useful Science on the Road” procession is a truly symbolic one, moving its steps between science and the world of research and culture: a march ready to cross even from Pontremoli.

Science takes to the streets and puts its tools at the service of teachers, educators, social workers, researchers and clinicians, but also to families and everyone else with an interest in the subject of education. The idea came to Daniela Lucangle, a professor of developmental psychology at the University of Padua. Author of numerous research contributions, member of national and international scientific societies, President of “Mind4Children”, a branch of the University of Padua made up of scientists, researchers and specialists. For this reason, the Beneficial Science on the Road project cannot fail to start from its concept, from its own idea based on a science to be lived, shared and served the community and inspired by the idea of ​​the conscious multiplier.

The project is therefore inspired by Professor Lucangeli’s idea of ​​useful science, which is not only widespread in universities. In more than 90 stages from Turin to Matera, moments of reflection will be organized with conferences, conferences, presentations and experts from the concerned scientific community. “I believe in a useful science that not only spreads among professionals, but goes to the streets and explains to people. That is why I leave the classrooms in universities and conference rooms and speak in public and write videos and post them on social networks, using language that I try to emulate on the listener, so that you are more understandable to everyone Lucangeli comments. Pontremoli is included in the stages of the excursion, and this afternoon at 6 pm in Piazza della Repubblica there will be a meeting “Environment and Life: Evolution and Development (Neuro)”, a dialogue on the relationship between “us and the environment” with Professor Lucangeli and Professor Ernesto Burgio.

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Next, an appointment for 8:30 pm at Piagnaro Castle, where a charity dinner will be held in favor of the whole project, for which, for organizational reasons, it is necessary to book at the numbers: 0187-4601237 or 0187-4601253. On Thursday 7 July, workshops will be held at Piazzetta della Pace at 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm on the development of intelligence through games for children aged 3 to 6 years (reservations required at 0187-4601205 or 0187-4601237).

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