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Thus tactical urbanism transforms the public space

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How should public space be distributed? Yards or parking lots? How can the spaces designated for citizens to socialize be changed thanks to tactical urbanism? This was discussed at Mobilitars 2022, It happened Created by Bikenomist in collaboration with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, in a report by Riccardo EniIsinnova senior researcher, H Albert MeregoMunicipal engineer of Reggio Emilia.

Riccardo Eni Briefly present the activity of the company in which he works: “Isinnova is a private research institute that has been active since 1971, and in recent years has been involved in European projects in energy and transport. The Park4SUMP project was implemented in collaboration with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and proposes innovative solutions for parking management and integration into sustainable urban mobility plans.

Then Eni defines the following: “Parking management policies should be considered better than they are today”. Coming to the issue in point Freiburgas they work on new parking standards, Reducing the space allocated to cars in favor of sustainable mobility.

How long does it take to find a parking space? At the end of the year – marked Enei – in many cities a large number of hours has been reached: that’s why The policy of integration of parking with mobility is important.

Reggio Emilia – Piazza Popol Giost, tactical urban planning intervention from parking to socializing place

He explained the intervention of Eng. Merego Redevelopment of a historic square in Reggio Emilia That transformed from a parking lot into a place to socialize during the pandemic: “In Reggio Emilia we carried out an experimental activity focused on social innovation in the Piazza Popol Giost”. The administration has invested in this area of ​​the historic center and worked with citizens for it Turning the car park into a social space Thanks to tactical urbanism and the involvement of traders and residents.

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