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Thursday May 19 Great Music • News Agenda

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Rivoli – Musical appointment on Thursday 19 May from 20 with Zucchero tones thanks to the performance of Ciposugar accompanied by Marcos. Cover music at Bar Bistrot”Flavors and smiles” from Conad Rivoli Space in Corso Susa. This is how it beginsSummer Music Festival 2022“.

Live music at CONA SPACE in Rivoli

Two artists live for a date in the aftermathEurovision Song Contest Which in recent weeks has brought great world music to Turin and Piedmont. here the Sugar With a great voice, great musicians: a true homage to Zucchero! From arenas all over Italy and beyond, a show arrives like you won’t find anywhere else Conad Rivoli Space in Corso Susa. on guitar MarcusMarco Roagna was born. A much-needed teacher for advancements in progressive country blues rock technology developed a guitar method titled “Six strings for seven notesHe is currently a blues guitar teacher at the “Accademia Musica Moderna” in Turin.

Summer Music Festival 2022 at Rivoli Supermarket

from Space for the Konad Rivoli Card in Corso Susa We make space for your summer with a full calendar of music events. Here are the dates.

  • Thursday, June 16 tribute to Sonic Radio Negramaru
  • Thursday 14 July Greetings from Oronero answer
  • Thursday, July 28 Mine Vaganti Greeting Meena
  • Thursday 4 August 10 HP Greeting Baptists
  • Thursday, September 8th Celebration Greeting Vasco
  • Thursday 15th September Ciposugar Greeting sugar

the summer

together paper

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The Shopping Center Spazio Conad in Rivoli Open From Monday to Saturday 8.00 / 21.00, Sunday 9.00 / 21.00.

Conad Rivoli Corso Souza

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