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Imagine Luca and Jennifera traveling in time and space – Big Brother VIP

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Far from social networks, competitors are discovering the universe and its vastness. Night is approaching and with it fatigue.

If for some competitors the bed and sofas are the right half, Luca And the Geneva They imagine destinations that are very far away. Sitting on the stairs with EleanorAnd the Nikita And the will bethe two significant people realize that they are far from reality and beyond.

One of the benefits of getting away and living at home is detoxing social networks and any screen. This allowed them to focus on aspects and other details that they weren’t familiar with before. Which? Luca focused on the sky, and Geneva, on the other hand, dreams bigger and aims for the universe. Fantasy travels, travels as far as it can go and reach heights never seen before.

Salatino praises the beauty of the sky, the heavenly vault. Always ignored and now that there is no screen or mobile phone, her eyes are raised. Lamborghini is ambitious and asks a question:Would you rather travel to space or go back in time?Then, the thesis becomes interesting. The two are immersed in a bubble and the other competitors are spectators. Perhaps they are locked in a spaceship.

Then attention turns to the moon, the sun, distances and conquests. Even doubt Luca joked: “Do you know who discovered America?

Jennifera and Luca lost in space. Other VIPs? They lost the thread!

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